7 Surprising and Unique Toasters

I’m always looking for unique products; products with a special design or that have surprising new features. I’m sure you’ll find such products for most kitchen utensils and appliances: blenders, timers, knife sets, etc. And yes, there are even toasters that have unique features or styling. Just take a look at these unique toasters:

Egg & Muffin Toaster

On this toaster, you can make an entire breakfast. This machine combines three different functions; it’s a toaster, an egg cooker, and a slice of meat warmer in one! In just four minutes you have a complete meal. This could be really handy for a bachelor/bachelorette…

unique toaster

More info here.

Hot Dog Toaster

Who doesn’t like a good hot dog? With this hot dog toaster, you can make them in a fast and convenient way. The machine holds two regular-sized hot dogs and two hot dog buns at one time. The retro styling makes this toaster a real eye-catcher.

hot dog toaster

Found on Amazon.

Bodum Toaster

Design is everything. This toaster has a modern design made of durable stainless steel with a unique, rubberized exterior. You can buy it in black or white, or you can choose a more vivid color, such as green.

bodum toaster

This design toaster is made by Bodum.

Digital Toaster

I’m sure you’ve had this before: you’re waiting for the bread to pop up and when it does, it scares the hell out of you. Those days are over, thanks to this digital toaster from Krups. It has an LCD display with a countdown function so you know exactly when your toast is ready.

digital toaster

Found here.

Hello Kitty Toaster

Is there any product that doesn’t have a Hello Kitty model? I guess not, because there’s even a Helly Kitty toaster! The cool thing about this toaster is that you get a tasty Hello Kitty face on each slice of bread.

hello kitty toaster

Pyramid Toaster

Jacob Bromwell likes to think out of the box. He completely redesigned a traditional toaster and came up with this: a toaster in the form of a pyramid. This design doesn’t have an internal power source, so you need to place it on a stove. This has one major advantage: it takes up much less space compared to a traditional toaster. It’s also perfect for camping trips.

camping toaster

Porsche Design Toaster

Now, this is one seriously stylish toaster! This machine is a collaboration between Siemens and Porsche Design. It’s a simple toaster (with all the regular functions) but with a unique design. It looks great and makes top-notch toast, what more could you want in your kitchen?

porsche design toaster

Found on CNET.

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