How to organize your kitchen? 5 great tips

Organize your kitchen in 5 steps

It doesn’t matter if you’re a daily cook or a sporadic chef, a well-organized kitchen is always pleasant to work in. It’s so much easier to find the right ingredients and cookware – saving you time and stress. You may wonder how to organize your kitchen? To help you organize your kitchen, I’ve collected some useful tips:

1. The big picture

In order to efficiently organize a kitchen, we need to take a look at the most important parts. We can then organize our utensils, appliances and ingredients accordingly.

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Try to keep necessities within reach. Spices, knives, pots and pans … should have a place in the zone around the stove. Next to the sink you’ll probably find detergent and sponges. Less-frequently used appliances and utensils can be stored in less accessible parts of your kitchen, such as a cabinet above the fridge.

2. Label pots & jars


Labeling pots and jars can also be useful. Buy some blank stickers dip the lid in chalkboard paint and write on it.

3. Use the available space

Do you have a small kitchen? With a little bit of creativity you can still store everything you need to cook. Hang racks or pegs on your wall to keep utensils, pot holders, and dish towels in sight.


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4. Stack ’em up!

Whether you have open shelving in your kitchen or pantry, or just need a few essentials out on your countertops, glass jars are one of our favorite ways to organize in the kitchen.


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5. Choose wisely


Maximize your storage space by removing kitchen equipment and utensils that you haven’t used in a while. Perhaps you didn’t use that ice cream maker or panini grill after all? Get them out of your cabinets and store them somewhere else (or sell them online or via a yard sale and make some extra money).

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