Possibly everyone remembers having a family member like Great Aunt Stella, someone who always had the advice to offer. She especially enjoyed sharing what she knew about homemade cleaning products. While mom would fall for every gimmick used to market the latest and greatest cleaning product, Aunt Stella would hold up and point to her bottle of white vinegar. I thought she was probably just a cheap old bitty whose house probably smelled the inside of a fish and chips restaurant. She was totally not cool. Decades later, while shopping

Cooking with Style Far from being a boring housewives, today’s kitchen goddesses are looking for a way to be cute and sassy while baking cupcakes and cleaning the counters. Vintage-style aprons are making a comeback with young cooks everywhere. Wearing cute aprons may not improve cooking skills, but with the right apron, a girl can burn that toast in style.

We live in times when impossible nothing. If you are willing to harvest plants in your own apartment in the city there are ways to do it all year long! No need for a big space or big investments into huge stands, now you can have your own nano garden in your own kitchen. Healthy life style came to the cities. How doest it work. Sun and soil To harvest plants and vegetables you need soil and sun. New technologies and invention can help you to use special soil-free pallets or

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