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Celebrate the season by making these delicious and dramatic gifts. Often we are inundated by sugar, chocolate, and more sugar in this season of parties. A nice deviation is a savory gift to create with sun-dried tomatoes and pesto sauce or salsa with a little punch. These great vegetarian dishes make superb gifts. What to gather in anticipation of this baker’s gift? Air-tight containers, most easily found in the modern grocery store come in boxes of twelve or twenty-four. Make a quick trip to the craft store for Raffia ties

It’s Good for the Earth, Good for Your Garden Recycling your kitchen waste into compost reduces the amount of garbage you send to landfills. It does more good for your vegetable garden than you might have previously thought. More and more, scientists are finding that the nutrients in so-called “green waste” benefit agricultural soils. It is opposite to often found negative soil impacts in industrial-style agriculture. The Composting Process, How long does it take? Scientists discovery Recent research by the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (DPI) shows that

What to Look for When Purchasing a Cook Stove Consumer Reports has an online site, but they charge a subscription fee for the service. Instead, go to the nearest public library and compare the ratings for the different brand appliances. Manufacturers’ Internet sites How Stuff Works are also good sources of information about kitchen stoves and ranges. Next, make a list of all the appliance dealers in the area. Many furniture stores, like Sears, also sell brand-name appliances. But when looking at after-sale service, furniture stores usually contract out their

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