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Use of Kitchen Tools in Art, Crafts, and Mixed Media Techniques Artists and crafters are for the most part naturally inventive and learn from experience how to make do with what’s on hand. The kitchen is a great place to find budget-saving tools. Walkthrough the kitchen and look at many basic small appliances and supplies in a new way. Small Crock Pot The term “encaustic wax” sounds a little bit intimidating, and possibly dangerous, right? But this mixed media technique uses simple beeswax, which smells wonderful and is easy to

Gift Ideas for Individuals who Love Eating Cheese Cheese is a common food used in various dishes ranging from breakfast eggs to chicken casseroles. People who are cheese lovers may eat it daily or weekly. These individuals make the perfect candidates for quick and simple cheese tools. Consumers may be aware of cheese boards or cheese knives. However, there are other possible kitchen gadgets for cheese lovers, including cheese sets, cheese domes, and fondue sets.

How to Make Homemade Holiday Presents in One Day Spending a day in the kitchen with family members can be a fun way to get in the holiday spirit. To make things easy, be sure to create several stations in the kitchen for specific steps included below. Instead of a baking day, consider this a Mixing day. Make several to give to favorite teachers. A variety of containers can be used to hold the various mixed contents, so read each recipe carefully before beginning. Having the right ingredients and clean

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