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Yes, small can be beautiful. This apartment is only 290 square feet (27 square meters) large, yet is looks (relatively) spacious. The black kitchen is a great way to visually increase the depth of the room. Big windows and white walls, ceilings and floors further enhance the feeling of space. It might be small, but this kitchen has everything you need. There’s a stove, oven, fridge, sink and plenty of storage space. Even the backsplash has hidden cabinets.

Carlisle Homes is an award-winning interior design agency from Melbourne, Australia. The kitchen of this home is breathtaking. It has a lovely color scheme and uses a collection of quality materials to create a high-end look. Just take a moment to discover all the subtle details of this beauty…

This unusual residence can be found in London, England. It was designed by the 4M Group and finished last year. They tried to balance the masculinity of industrial rawness, corrosion and rough surfacing, with the feminine touch of delicate lighting, smooth surfaces and earthy materials. Sinks and wall areas were coated with powder metal paint sprayed with acid to achieve an oxidized appearance. Indirect light creates a futuristic atmosphere.

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