I’m always surprised how many great DIY projects you can find online. Last night I was surfing on the internet and I came across this tutorial. It explains how you can create a beautiful stone trivet for your pans and pots. How to make a stone trivet What you need: An old carpet (you can also use some felt if you want, but a carpet is more rigid) Superglue A cutter Flat stones (you can find these in most DIY shops) Instructions: Use the cutter to cut the old carpet into pieces.

About Ken Kelly Ken Kelly is one of the biggest kitchen designers from New York. It’s a family-owned business that has won several awards. You might have seen some of their designs already, because their kitchens have been featured in several books and magazines, such as Better Homes & Gardens, Metropolitan Home, Design Details and even the New York Times. They also have a great blog that you should definitely take a look at. It’s packed with useful tips. The articles are written by the owners of the company, Grace and Ken. Occasionally,

Here’s another genius idea that can be very handy when you’re cooking or cleaning your kitchen. Especially if you want to keep your kitchen as clutter-free as possible. Personally, I use a lot of paper towels. I use them to clean my hands, remove small stains from the countertop and for cooking purposes. I can honestly say that paper towels are a must-have in my kitchen. If you can afford to lose a kitchen drawer, you can replace it with a wooden dowel. It’s an easy way to create a

In one of our first posts, we showed you how you can make your kitchen smell heavenly. This is one of our most popular posts so far, so we decided to write a follow-up. After all, there are plenty of ‘recipes’ to give your home a great scent. So don’t forget to come back regularly for new ideas. I found this great recipe on the website of Morgan Moore. Morgan got this recipe from Williams Sonoma, where she worked more than 10 years ago. They used to put this concoction on

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