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Step-by-Step Guide to a Spotless Kitchen More than just washing curtains and airing linens, spring cleaning can be done any time of year. In case to review a house’s contents and create an opportunity for decluttering. Kitchens are high-traffic areas and require regular cleaning to maintain hygienic food preparation surfaces. Begin a kitchen spring clean by completing daily and weekly jobs such as washing up and wiping down counters. Remove everything from the countertops to maximize clear space for sorting.

It might sound a bit contradictory, but a dishwasher needs to be cleaned too. Over the years a lot of dirt and tiny bits of food can cling together in the corners of a dishwasher. It not only looks bad, but it can also create unpleasant odors. How to clean dishwasher – simple instructions Step 1: check the drain It’s no surprise that the drain can get clogged up very easily. Check to see if there is dirt blocking the drain. Step 2: clean the dishwasher inside Empty your dishwasher

I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of tips on how to clean cast iron pots and pans. There are a lot of do’s and dont’s, but after a while you might not see the forest for the trees. So how can you keep your iron cast cookware clean and rust free? Let’s find out… Cleaning Cast Iron Cookware Cast iron pots and pan are porous, which means that they have minuscule holes in its surface. That’s why you should avoid soap. The soap can get into the pores and come out when you

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