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Using Backsplashes to Create a Current Kitchen Using the kitchen backsplash design to finish off a modern kitchen is a great way of pulling the entire design together. With the abundance of different materials, shapes, and sizes available today, it’s easy to find a design that will complete any space.

The Hidden Powers of the Common Kitchen Herb When people think of herbs and spices, they often think of the herbs and spices they typically use for cooking. But when considering taking herb for medicinal purposes, they often reach for the exotic herbs and supplements that they find at the health food store. While finding herbs at the health food store is perfectly acceptable, they can be expensive. Using kitchen herbs for medicine is both highly accessible and affordable. Some of the best remedies come from our own kitchens and

Natural Countertops One of the biggest trends in design today is extremes. (Robyn Waters) This even applies to countertop thickness. Current kitchen trends are either thick and chunky 60mm and thicker, or thin, 13mm or less. Thicknesses between this have little visual impact and almost feel dated. Anti-spill edges look awful and are not really necessary if the countertop has been installed correctly and is level. It is surprising how much water is required to spill over a flat edge of a level countertop. The corner of a top should

If your disorganized kitchen has you pulling your hair out at dinnertime every evening, don’t worry! There are some easy ways to streamline things so that you can find what you need when you need it. Read on for some quick tips to streamline your kitchen! Zones Start thinking like a kindergarten teacher. Their classes are organized into “zones” and for good reason. Ever peek in on your youngster’s class and wonder how, with 25 kids, it can go from chaos to clean in a matter of minutes? It’s because

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