Small Kitchen Ideas

How to Improve Kitchens with Limited Space

Who wouldn’t like a bigger kitchen? If pulling down a wall or two isn’t possible to make the kitchen area larger, try some of these tips and ideas to make the most of the existing space.

Buy Appliances in Smaller Sizes

There are all sorts of stylish appliances from fridges to dishwashers that are made in slightly slimmer to “mini” sizes. Another option is to get appliances that are “two-in-one.” For example, if there is a toaster oven and a microwave taking up space in the kitchen, think about purchasing a microwave/toaster oven combo where both options are available in one. There are also regular ovens that offer a microwave feature as well. The extra space in the kitchen might encourage bakers in the family to be more productive.

Use the Walls and Put up Some Shelves

Need more space to store pots, pans, food, and cookbooks? Putting up a few rows of open shelving can do the trick. Or hang a rack from the ceiling with hooks to hang pots and pans. Another idea is to have a rack that goes along the wall to hang pots and pans. As well, instead of a block to hold knives that take up space on the counter, put up a magnetic strip on the wall to stick knives too.

Built-ins for the Kitchen

Maybe a full-size table and chairs are too big for the space. Getting a smaller table and chairs will make the area seem bigger. There are even table and chair sets where the chairs fit completely under the table. Another option is to go for a built-in. There are many possibilities from putting in a shelf against the wall that can be used as a table with bar chairs or even a small nook.

Low-Cost Kitchen Renovation

Declutter and Make Room in the Cupboards

Go through cupboards from top to bottom and see what it’s in there. If there is anything that hasn’t been used for a year, then sell it, pass it on or donate it. This will free up space to make it neater and also easier to access kitchen accessories. By making more room in the cupboards, some of the items that are sitting on the countertops can also be put away so that the kitchen area can look less cluttered and thus more spacious.

Organize What’s in the Kitchen

Are people just throwing the Tupperware into the cupboard and closing the door as fast as they can? Nest pots and pans inside each other to make more room and stack cans and boxes in neat piles or rows. Buying baskets and containers to store everything from spices to containers can help conserve space. It also makes things easier to find as well as looks more pleasing to the eye.

These are some simple ideas to help make a kitchen that is small feel and look bigger. Buy smaller appliances, put up shelves for storage and think about adding in a built-in or a smaller table and chair set to help make the space seem larger. Clearing away the clutter and organizing what is in the kitchen can also help maximize space to get the most out of this important room in the house.

Appliances for Tiny Homes & Micro-Kitchens

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