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No, this kitchen isn’t made of beef – it was designed by BEEF. BEEF is an architectural firm from Bratislava, Slovakia. They created this kitchen for a Riverpark apartment in the same city. For the interior of this apartment they used a lot of earth tones. The entire color scheme is based on three colors: brown, grey and white. These basic colors can be found on the floors (wood), furniture (wooden tables and chairs), sofa, rug and kitchen cabinets. Thanks to these colors and materials, the apartment feels very cozy. The designers

A backsplash can be found in all sorts of materials, colors and textures. Some people prefer the modern appearance of a glass backsplash, while others prefer the more traditional look of ceramic tiles. There’s literally an abundance of choice. And here we prepared a list of the benefits of a magnetic backsplash But what if you could give your backsplash a more functional purpose – an extra function? Meet the magnetic backsplash! Benefits of a Magnetic Backsplash A magnetic backsplash can be very useful in a kitchen. It’s really handy for

I found this kitchen in a residence that was designed by Cornerstone Architects. This brand new home (it was completed in 2011) is located in Austin, Texas. The kitchen is the room that immediately grabbed my attention. The owner wanted a home with a contemporary flow and finish while providing a warm setting for daily life. This was accomplished by mixing warm natural finishes such as stained wood with gray tones in concrete and local limestone. This design philosophy can also be found in the kitchen. There’s a mix of

This farmhouse was actually an airbase from WWII. By the end of the war it had lost its purpose and was used for farming instead. James and Claudia Gray bought the property and turned it into a home for their growing family. Most of the structure is made of timber or timber based products, including a ‘tower’ that provides 360 degrees panoramic views of the surrounding farmland. The home is also very energy-efficient and the performance is close to PassivHaus standards. Enough about the house, let’s take a look at

Located in the heart of Hollywood, this beautiful Broadway loft is every home owner’s dream. The loft has hardwood floors, high ceilings and designer bathrooms. It also has a rooftop pool, spa , gym, valet and 24 hour concierge service. The room we’re most interested in, is the kitchen. It’s one of the most beautiful kitchens I’ve ever seen. I know this is very subjective, but I bet anyone can agree that it looks great. It has state-of-the-art Viking kitchen appliances and gorgeous wooden kitchen cabinets. PS: this beautiful Hollywood

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