Top 4 Best Picks for Carbon Water Filter for Your Kitchen

Inside the kitchen, water is being used a lot. You use it for ice machines, coffee machines or to clean vegetables and other things. It’s better to make sure the water that you’re using is clean and safe from bacteria. This is where water filter comes in to save your day. We are going to list down four carbon water filters for your kitchen.

Wonders of Water Filters

Before we start, let’s have a brief discussion about what carbon water filter does. As we all know, the machines that use water regularly in your kitchen are hard to clean. When you fail to do so, bacteria and minerals may build-up in the machine. It might cause expensive repairs or you might also need to buy a new one. It’s the reason why carbon water filters are important because they serve as a protection.
Water filters are supposed to remove harmful impurities from the water that you’re using. These water filters have small holes that catch impurities before they go to the pipes and tubes of the machine. These bad bacteria may cause negative results to your family’s health. Carbon water filter is a safe and cheap way to make sure these scenarios will never happen. If you wonder how exactly it works follow this link.

AICRO Inline Water Filter with Activated Carbon

This activated carbon water filter can reduce bad odors and the chlorine taste in your water. It’s great for coffee machines, refrigerators, and more. It doesn’t require a battery. At an affordable price, you get a clean and safe water. It is one of the best sellers for carbon water filter.
This activated carbon water filter did a great job for a lot of customers who ordered it. A lot of them are saying that their water tastes better and has a great longevity. It worked perfectly fine for their machines and they didn’t have to clean it up every now and then. It’s very convenient for people who doesn’t have a lot of time for cleaning.

 Pros Cons
Great for ice makers, coffee machines, ice makers and more
Reduce odors and chlorine tastes
Adaptor may be needed

Kishu Charcoal – Activated Charcoal Water Filter for Pitchers

This is another best-selling carbon water filter. It’s a simple activated charcoal stick. It is easy to use and perfect for filtering tap water. You simply have to place it in the pitcher and watch it filter the water. People who bought it in Amazon loved the product.
According to the reviews on Amazon, the filter works better than other water filters. Aside from that it’s easy to use, it really cleaned the tap water they are drinking. It eases their mind as their children are safe from bad chemicals that they might get from drinking tap water. You can find more info on the producer website.

How to use it?

 Pros  Cons
Easy to use
Made from oak tree branch
One stick can only last for four months

Whole House Water Filter Carbon Block 10″

When you buy this carbon water filter, the Big Blue Cartridge is already included. The cartridge removes harmful chemicals and chlorine from the water. The water that it filter is better than bottled water. One of the best-selling water filter on the market. It’s heavier than other water filters but you can buy it at an affordable price.
People who used this filter said it was a big help. The cloudy appearance from their water is not showing anymore. One of the customers also used this water filter for their pond. It worked wonders since the fishes don’t work well with chlorine.

 Pros  Cons
Cartridge is included
Quality filtered water
Minor difficulty for installing the unit

The eSpring Carbon Water Treatment System – Replacement Filter 11-0194

This carbon block water filter produced by Amway effectively reduces more than 140 impurities from the water. You will be able to see the changes in the taste and look of your water once you install this filter. This UV light filter is a bit pricey than other filters but it is worth it. You can replace this filter once a year which is very convenient. The system also alerts you if the filter needs to be replaced.
A lot of people fell in love with this filter because of its longevity. They can also see the change in their water after installing this. It improved the taste of the water while removing the odor. It may not fit other water treatment systems but eSpring’s Carbon Water Treatment System will work.

 Pros Cons
Improves the taste of the water
Removes more than 140 impurities in the water
Fits only the eSpring Carbon Water Treatment System

Benefits of Using a Water Filter

Unfiltered water poses a great danger if taken. Aside from viruses, arsenic, lead, radium and other chemicals that it carries, it also creates a build-up of minerals in machines that use water. Carbon filtration is a cheaper way to ensure your family’s health. It is also a good strategy to maintain your machine’s longevity. This is the reason why a lot of people is actually using water filters.
It serves as protection. These water filters are easy to install and don’t take a lot of time. The immediate changes in the water are noticeable. The cloudy, bad taste and odor from the water can be removed. It will leave you with a clean and safe water.

Still not convinced? Below you can find video on choosing water filter for kitchen

Bonus: water filter for garden

Camco 40691 GardenPURE Carbon Water Filter

This is one of the best-selling carbon water filters in the market. It’s an ideal water filter for organic gardeners. Aside from removing chlorine and other sediments from the water, it also keeps the soil in your garden healthy. You simply have to attach it to a garden hose and it will do the rest for you. You can also use the filtered water for your pets.
People who love gardening love this water filter. A lot of them said that it was a big help for the soil. Their plants become healthier and they’re planning to buy it again. This filter is a must-have for all organic gardeners. It’s a green way to ensure the healthiness of the plants and the soil in your garden.

 Pros Cons
Perfect water filter for gardens
Reduces chlorine for a healthier plant
Not ideal for ponds and fish tanks


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