Funny Holiday Etiquette Video

Hilarious holiday etiquette video

YouTube is filled with great videos; music videos of my favorite band, instructional video’s on how to unclog a drainpipe and of course plenty of cat videos. The amount of content on YouTube is amazing. By the way; did you know that 72 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute? Amazing, huh?

Anyway, last night I was browsing through some video’s and I came across this one. It is titled ‘The Perfect Guide to Holiday Etiquette‘. It tells you all about diner etiquette but in a funny, sometimes disturbing manner. The main character of the video, Billy, has some serious problems.

Watch and enjoy 😉


Dining Etiquette Tips

Here are some dining etiquette tips:

  1. When you set your mobile device on the board you’re making a barrier between you and your guests. Victimization your device throughout a meal is like speech, “my text message, email, or call is a lot of necessary than our language.” Build your individuals skills and place the phone on “stun” or vibrate, and keep it off of the table.
  2. Spoons and knives area unit on the proper facet, forks area unit on the left.  Liquids area unit on the right; solids, just like the plate or a bread and butter plate, area unit on the left. Too typically individuals area unit confused concerning that bread plate and that water glass is theirs and that they find yourself “borrowing” their neighbors.  Remember, left to right it’s B.M.W. – Bread, Meal, Water
  3. Buttering your bread. however you butter your bread may be a fast indicator of whether or not you recognize basic table manners. place butter onto the bread plate instead of directly onto your roll.  Break, don’t cut the bread, then butter one bite-size piece at a time. ne’er butter an entire slice of bread right away, or slice a appear 0.5 and butter it.
  4. Be tableware savvy. Use your tableware from the surface in and don’t use implements as a weapon and gesture with tableware in your hand to create a degree — if you’re not employing a utensil, place it down on your plate. Use a knife and fork to chop just one piece of food at a time and don’t “saw” your food, cut it.  Also, don’t clutch your fork in your mitt and ne’er stab food together with your fork. once you end a course, place the knife and fork within the “finished” position, that (on the face of a clock) is inserting the tip of the knife and fork at 10:00 and also the handles area unit at 4:00.
  5. The art of the toast. Here’s a protocol rule the general public don’t know:  The rule is “one doesn’t drink a toast to one’s self!”  If a toast is being given in your honor you are doing not drink however you are doing reciprocate by presenting a toast back to the host. Happy holidays and bon appetit!
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