A Collection of Gorgeous Kitchen Sinks

Time for another dose of kitchen design inspiration. This time we take a look at some gorgeous kitchen sinks. A sink is an important element of every kitchen and it can be a real eye-catcher. I bet most of you will find the sink of their dreams in this list…

What’s not to like about this gorgeous sink? It’s nice and robust and fits perfectly in this wooden countertop. Check out those faucets, they compliment this sink nicely.
kitchen sink

Or what about this massive copper kitchen sink from Lynette Sonne’s kitchen? I bet this is the real eye-catcher of this kitchen.
copper kitchen sink

Another sink that is the centerpiece of a kitchen. This big farm house sink has plenty of room for dishes and fits the countertop perfectly.
farm house sink

If you prefer a dark sink, you’ll like this one. It’s made of dark stone and it’s perfectly integrated into the countertop. It also contrasts nicely with the wooden cabinets.
dark stone sink

For those of you who like a more detailed kitchen sink, check out this example:
stone sink

This list wouldn’t be complete without an unconventional sink, such as this multifuntional rotating sink for example. I might be a tad big for most kitchens though…
rotating sink

This is a custom marble sink with an apron front—its polished nickel Rubinet faucet. It blends perfectly into the surrounding countertops made of the same material.
marble kitchen sink

Another gorgeous farm house sink that would look great in every kitchen:
farm house sink

And last, but not least, this beautiful shallow stone sink. This sink is perfect for a vintage kitchen.
shallow stone sink

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