A Fantastic Farmhouse Kitchen

This farmhouse was actually an airbase from WWII. By the end of the war it had lost its purpose and was used for farming instead. James and Claudia Gray bought the property and turned it into a home for their growing family.

Most of the structure is made of timber or timber based products, including a ‘tower’ that provides 360 degrees panoramic views of the surrounding farmland. The home is also very energy-efficient and the performance is close to PassivHaus standards.

Enough about the house, let’s take a look at the kitchen. The first thing you’ll notice is how big the kitchen is. The abundance of natural light adds to this sensation of space. The large kitchen island is (literally) the centerpiece of the room.

As I’ve said before; most of the structure is made of timber. The great thing is that the designers didn’t try to hide this beautiful material. The wooden beams compliment the wooden countertop perfectly.

kitchen with ceiling roof

farmhouse kitchen

view of the kitchen

farmhouse kitchen island

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