How to Choose the Best Kitchen Cabinet?

Kitchen cabinets are usually quite expensive. Therefore may well turn out to be a major part of your budget when working on remodeling. Furthermore, they even tend to have the most impact as far as the overall look of your kitchen is concerned. Making it even more important to choose one that fits the bill pretty well for your needs.

However, while some of the best kitchen cabinets out there may come with the features you may be looking for. It may still be quite challenging to find one that meets all your specific needs.

With that being said, let’s go through some of the general and basic. Most important factors you need to consider while choosing a kitchen cabinet.


How to Choose the Best Kitchen Cabinet?



The budget is indeed one of the most important factors while choosing a kitchen cabinet. As the prices may vary quite a bit from one type to another. For instance, while the stock kitchen cabinets may cost around $70 per linear foot, the semi-custom ones are usually priced in the range of $150 to $250 per linear foot. Similarly, the custom ones may very well cost upwards of $500 per linear foot.

As far as the total linear feet of cabinets needed, it may usually turn out to be in the range of 25 to 30 feet. Meaning that the type you choose would have a major impact on the budget. While the stock ones come with limited color and style options. The semi-custom ones offer more configurations and a more custom feel.

The custom ones, of course, come with pretty much everything you want, including your own custom features and specs.

These kitchen cabinets may either come assembled or need to be assembled, depending on where you buy them from.



There are mainly two styles to choose from – framed and frameless. The former usually comes with a cabinet box and a face frame, with the doors and drawers secured to the frame. The frameless cabinets, or the European-style cabinets as they are sometimes known, do not have a face frame, and the doors and drawers are instead attached directly to the cabinet box.

It gives them a more modern look, besides making them easier to use. However, it also means that they may be less rigid, but you can go for one that comes with a thicker box construction to get around that.



Depending on the features you choose, the cost of the cabinets may go up by as much as around 20 percent. Hence, you may want to choose only those features that you really need.

The best kitchen cabinets out there would usually come with drawer slides, a trash can that can be pulled out, self-closing doors as well as a built-in charging station. Which are considered to be some of the most useful features.

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