Retro Kitchen Decor, Ideas and Accessories

Retro Kitchen Decor is usually associated with 50`s, colorfulness and Coca Cola. If to be completely true it is not all that. Retro is anything that implies on something used 15-20 years ago. Something that was popular and trendy some time ago, and become functionally or superficially the norm once again.

It is about something proved with time and admired by many people. There is no need to go totally retro from the beginning, it is not always that necessary. You need to try this style for your home first, if it fits right for you and your family and then go for it. Here we share some ideas and accessories of how to add your kitchen some retro mood.

Great thing about accessories is that you can change them pretty often. They doesn’t cost as much as new furniture, but they are able to change the look and style of the whole room. It is simple way to have some changes in your kitchen from time to time.

Usually main rule in retro is Add color. When you hear “retro kitchen” what color do You see? Is it red? Or maybe yellow or green? Find the color that you like the most and use it, it can be even Tiffany mint green if you wish. Such changes can work even for the most conservative people.

I am a fan of simple light spaces, without to much stuff everywhere. I am trying to make as much free space around as possible. Therefore I would recommend to change some thing that you already use in everyday life. Some kind of excuse to buy new dishes for example. As well on the market there are a lot of Small Retro Kitchen Appliances: toasters, coffee machines,  tea pots ets. So you can find either new appliances or just buy something that you wanted for long time.

Before making any changes: Make List 😉 just to make sure that you won’t spend much more than you’ve planned.

Check list of Retro accessories: dinner clock, wall art, seats, table cloth, napkins, lighting, cabinet knobs, vintage cookie jars and mugs, appliances, curtains etc.



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