Kitchen Essentials for Hosting a Friends Party

Kitchen is an important place in everyday life, but when it comes to inviting friends for a Party – importance of it rises with each hour closer to the start. Depending from the amount of people and reason for an invitation you will need different equipment, but mostly all Parties are about the same thing: have fun and enjoy time together. Here are some tricks and Kitchen Essentials for Hosting a Friends Party at your home that they won’t forget.

  1. Food. Here is not a place for recipes (not now at least ;)), but we are real fans of food and we are even bigger fans of nicely served dishes and snacks. When it comes for inviting a lot of people, usually (well if you are not Monica Gellar) everyone tries to make it fast, easy and not time consuming, or just order some pizza. However main rules are:
  • small portions. Finger food, or some small amount will make sure that it is easy to grab it while talking or playing. And as well this way you are sure that everyone will find something for themselves and in case if something doesn’t taste good for somebody, it won’t be wasted.
  • different food. Nowadays you never know who will become vegan, or vegetarian or something new. We know you cannot get ready for everyone, but to make sure that there is a choice it would be a nice gesture.
  • not too sticky. Don’t forget – it is your home, and you don’t want to spent days on the cleaning after the party, so make sure that food will not leave to much dirt and will be easy to clean from hands with napkin.

Ideas: use seasonal vegetables or fruits. For example apple dips as they are shown on our Pinterest page. Or different kinds of bites and mini salads or sandwiches.

2. Photos. People make photos – no surprises here. Just make sure to get rid of thing that you don’t want to be pictured. But generally I would suggest to add some photogenic places.

  • food and serving. Food served in rustic style, wooden and in jars is still popular. So adding some unusual element to your place and party will make it work for instagram fans. As well you can make some very easy to do cone packages from nice paper. (picture below)
  • accessories. Depending from the reason of your party – add some accessories for fun and photos. It can be handmade or bought.
  • clothes. Elegant scarf party? Not everybody likes rules, but if you are seeing each other once in some time, it can be a good time to start a tradition of group photos which will look a lot of fun is everyone there will be in red socks let say. No need for a total look, but some small details will make it special. Or everyone in gloves, why not? πŸ™‚

3. Zones. Food and alcohol in different places will make sure that people aren’t stuck at one place. Zones to sit for a quiet talk, smoking, singing etc. Off course it all may and can be close by each other, but this way you can make some order and movements around.Kitchen Essentials for Hosting a Friends Party

4. Activities. Some board, alcohol or cards games. Have some aces if party won’t go that funny and easy way as you wanted. Be ready to offer some ideas. It may sound childish and king of kindergarten thing, but trust me there are fun games that can become your favorite.

Idea: Jungle Speed or sometimes Totem. It is ridiculously funny game! Really πŸ™‚ We are 27 y.o. and older and we love it.


5. Your rules. Don’t be to strict or afraid. Your house – your rules. From the beginning show where to smoke and where to put cigarette stub, as well where is toilet and which rooms aren’t for enter (better close them in the very beginning). Make a little tour around (even if the place isn’t very big).

And main thing: do start to clean after the party before going to sleep. Just do it.

Here are my party rules and kind of check list. I would love to read your πŸ™‚






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