Feng Shui Kitchen Makeover: Quick and Easy


Your kitchen is a vital component in the success and wealth of its occupants. The kitchen should be clean, clutter free and have an air of abundance. Bowls of fresh fruit on tables and counters give the illusion of wealth. The overstuffed cupboards leave little room for the abundant energy to flow.

Clearing Out Your Cupboards

Food Cupboards. Throw out or give away any food that is older than 6 months. If you have not used it in the last couple of weeks, the probability that it will be used is low. Organize the food cupboards that work for your family. Place breakfast foods in one cupboard or organize alphabetically. Also, leave room for the new grocery items. Purchase the organizing racks that allow food to increase storage space.

Store pots and pans you have not used in the past month. Place kitchen items at eye level for easy access.

Dish/Glass Cupboards. Store the holiday plates in boxes in the basement or attic. Have everyday plates and glasses on the lower shelves for easy access.

Cutlery Drawer. Keep the basics and store the rest.

Cleaning Supplies. Cleaning supplies and grocery bags seem to fall into the pit under the sink. Invest in a small plastic container and place all your supplies in their. Remove the container on your cleaning days. Keep the supplies basic and environmentally friendly. Bags seem to pile up in less than a week. Have a bag holder and give the rest to the school or library or else throw them out. Try and think green when accepting a bag and reuse as often as you can.

The next time you enter the kitchen, ask yourself to define the room in one word. For example, some kitchens are dirty, spotless, charming, and sweet but few seem to give the impression of abundance.

Next, redefine the living space with wealthy characteristics. If you are unsure what wealth looks or feels like, visit a posh hotel or browse some luxury magazines. Bring that feeling into your home. A simple cure is pouring your juice and milk from crystal jugs instead of plastic juice containers. There are many cures for the kitchens depending on the life areas you want to enhance.

Kitchen Cures

• Place bamboo or flowers between the oven and fridge if they are close to each other.

• Have the stove spotless as it symbolizes your wealth. Rotate using the burners as they represent wealth.

• Place a bowl of apples or oranges in the Southeast (Abundance Sector) corner of your kitchen. If the southeast corner is not available, place them in the middle of the counter.

• Don’t have water features in the kitchen with the exception of the dishwasher, fridge and sink.

• Use fresh ingredients whenever possible. Make an herb garden in the kitchen.

• Let the fresh air in as often as possible and keep the drapes drawn during the day.

• Place a crystal in the kitchen window to capture the sun’s rays and re energize the area.


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