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If you’ve ever had a recipe that called for “trussing,” then what I’m about to tell you regarding The Food Loop could revolutionize your cooking experience. Sound dramatic? Perhaps, but The Food Loop really is cutting-edge culinary tool advancement. It’s the “first heat resistant silicone trussing tool” that can resist temperatures of up to 675°F (or 357°C).


If some of are you wondering what trussing means – it’s nothing more than when you have to tightly secure or bind food in say. A stuffed pork tenderloin, stuffed whole fish, or even when you’re securing chicken legs. Yes, you could use twine or toothpicks, but the fact of the matter is, those often break. Also, leave bits of chewy wood or fibers behind. My mom politely kept chewing a piece of rogue string thinking I’d overcooked the meat. Can be messy to find and remove. There’s nothing worse than “looking” for that missing piece of twine that’s miraculously turned the same caramelized color as your roast. I know that of which I speak!

The Food Loop

The Food Loops, on the other hand, are brightly colored silicone trussing tools that not only secure tightly and efficiently but are even dishwasher safe, FDA compliant, food-safe and non-stick. Their user-friendly design means that all you have to do is place the Food Loop around the food item you’d like to hold together or bunch, cinch it to the desired tightness and tuck the tail end under the cord for added grip. To unravel the loop (once it’s cooled some), you just have to pull up the tail end. From stove or oven to freezer, the Food Loop will keep your parcel together- and it won’t scratch Teflon coated pans either.

Also in the handy dandy Food Loop family, you’ll find the versatile Food Loop Lace. Forget kitchen string and sewing kits, this silicone beauty sporting a tomato-red hue can close up any poultry cavity in a snap. There’s also the clever little Drizzle Stick. A hollowed-out “cone” connected to a long stick that, when dipped into honey, melted chocolate, olive oil, or any sauce that you want to drizzle on your plate, holds up to 1 ½ teaspoon of liquid neatly.

The Poach Pods and the Cook Hooks

My hands-down favorites are the Poach Pods and the Cook Hooks. The Poach Pods enable poached egg-making dummies. Like me the chance to make the perfect poached or coddled egg time after time. You float the pod in boiling water. Once you’ve cracked an egg inside of it and wait until the desired consistency is reached. You then gently pop out your perfect egg (if I do say so myself). Place the pods in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Simplicity- what’s not to love?! The Cook Hook is a brilliant little tea towel (or anything you want to be grasped) hook. That enables you to magnetically clip and hold a towel from your stove handle, fridge handle, drawer pull, or anywhere else you fancy.

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