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Toast for breakfast anyone? Here you can find the best red toaster to add color and fun to your kitchen. First let’s start with numbers. In the table below is presented short information about the top 5 pick. All overviewed toasters are really red and nice. Each one of them would fit and embrace your kitchen. Choose the one that suits your need, because red toaster can be not only nice, but as well are pretty functional. 1. Nostalgia BSET300 RETRO RED Retro Series 3-in-1 Family Size Breakfast Station One

When it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets, there don’t seem to be many better options out there than espresso kitchen cabinets. These cabinets seem to be second only to white when it comes to their popularity, and that’s saying something given how many people prefer to go with the latter. However, there’s more to espresso kitchen cabinets than the elegant looks they come with. They’re something that has the potential to transform your kitchen, and give it a completely new feel and look. Furthermore, these deep dark brown cabinets seemingly

Using commercial kitchen supplies in kitchens Have you ever took a tour and explored each and every area of your favorite restaurant, or any other famous restaurant in your area? No, we don’t just mean the restroom facilities, but the entire area. If you have, you would have probably noticed tons of things you hardly know anything about, or the common things used in a kitchen but look fairly different from the ones you’ve in your home’s kitchen. These are probably a few of the things included in commercial kitchen

A couple of months ago I was complaining about the terrible weather here in Belgium. A couple of weeks later and terrible turned into terrific – the summer has finally arrived! Summer is the perfect time for ice creams and popsicles. Most people buy these from the store, but you might as well make them yourself. There are some great popsicle recipes you can find online (do a quick Google search and see for yourself). All you need is a good popsicle maker or mold. Here are some products to

Vintage jars made by Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Ball (originally Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing) is an American company that is is famous for its glass jars. According to Wikipedia, it’s actually the largest producer of recyclable beverage cans in the world. How about that? In 2013, Ball celebrated the 100th anniversary of its first series of jars. At the beginning of the 20th century they launched the first true “perfect mason” jar. To celebrate this occasion, they designed these blue limited edition jars. The vintage jars have embossed logo’s and

Wooden Cutting Boards by Hudson Made Kitchen boards or cutting boards are a must have in every kitchen. After all; you don’t want to damage that beautiful and expensive countertop. They not only protect your countertop from scratches, but also provide a clean working area to chop meat and vegetables. Some people even use them as a centerpiece or to serve sandwiches, cheese or snacks. You can find chopping boards in various shapes and sizes. Most cutting boards are made of wood or plastic, but you’ll also find cutting boards

If there’s anything we’ve learned from history, it’s that the Japanese are famous for their knife-making skills. That’s why Japanese knives are considered to be among the best in the world. One of the reasons why chefs around the world prefer Japanese knives. One of these knife manufacturers, Tadafusa, can be found in Sanjo, Niigata. The Tadafusa Bocho knife is a set of hand forged and ground knives. All the knives are assembled with magnolia wood an bubinga handles. They all have a layer of Ao Gami or Blue Paper

I bet everyone has cut himself at least once whilst cooking (hopefully not too bad). Some people might have even cut themselves when they take a knife from a drawer, especially if they are stored without proper protection. The last thing you want is cut in your finger. That’s why MoMA designed these magnetic knife cases. These plastic cases protect you from cuts and help you store your knives safely. When you’re finished cooking, simple clean your knife and snap the plastic case securely over it. The magnetic closure makes

Can’t get enough of Cheddar, Stilton, Brie, Roquefort or Camembert? Do you dream of a nice cheese fondue every night? Then you should a) probably get some help and b) get this cheese sponge! The Cheese Sponge The Cheese Sponge is a natural sponge that was designed by Atypyk. It is made in France but it can be shipped worldwide. You can buy this sponge online for 7 euro. The cool thing about this sponge is the packaging: it looks like a real piece of cheese. Whatever you do: don’t

Glass kitchen canisters Thanks to (a great website btw), I came across these beautiful wood & glass kitchen canisters. I bet they fit perfectly in a kitchen, bathroom or even an office. These canisters were designed by Chabatree. They are sold individually in two sizes: small and large. The small version has a diameter of 4″ dia. and it’s 4.75″ tall. The large one is 2″ taller. Optionaly you can fit the top with a rubber lip. Slip this rubber band on top to create an airtight container. You can

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