Purchasing an Electric Griddles for Your Home

Options, Models, and Reviews of This Popular Appliance

Electric griddles provide a large surface that is perfect for cooking breakfast foods, hamburgers, vegetables, or other foods. For large families or people who entertain regularly, electric griddles provide flexibility and additional cooking space. Most models are easy to store and clean, making them a popular kitchen appliances.

Why Purchase an Electric Griddle?

Electric griddles provide a wide, flat surface to cook on. For large families or people who frequently entertain, they can provide a convenient way to cook for many people at once. Finally, everyone’s pancakes will be done at the same time.

On top of the added cooking space, electric griddles have the benefit of even cooking temperature and the ability to hold heat well. While a stovetop griddle will suffer from hot spots, griddles provide an even surface to cook your pancakes or eggs.

Things to Consider Before Shopping

There are many factors that influence what type of electric griddle is the best. Here are a few questions to consider.

  • Size – Think about how many people the griddle will be feeding. People who rarely cook for a crowd will not need the space of a professional model. Also, consider the space that is available for storage when the griddle is not in use.
  • Temperature controls – Different griddle models have different sensitivities and control mechanisms. Look for something with sensitive controls that is still easy to use.
  • Price – A top-of-the-line griddle will not be in everyone’s budget; however there are many affordable alternatives that still cook efficiently and evenly.
  • Additional features – Some electric griddles have removable surfaces that can be interchanged with grill panels. Others have surfaces that can be tilted, while still others are dishwasher safe. Special features make the biggest difference in considering what model to purchase.

Top-Rated Electric Griddle Brands

One of the first brands to consider when purchasing an electric griddle is Presto. The Presto Cool-Touch electric griddle is a great option for families. The base remains safe to the touch, while the griddle surface is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Presto makes a professional model with a large surface that is perfect for cooking for crowds.

A second option to consider is Rival. Though Rival is most commonly known for its slow cookers, they produce a large range of kitchen appliances. Rival electric griddles have some creative solutions for common problems. For people who want to take their electric griddle with them when they travel, or who have a small space to store it, the Rival Fold-N-Store Griddle actually folds in half.

Whatever model seems best, an electric griddle can add versatility to any cooking routine. Expand cooking space to make pancakes, hamburgers, or eggs with one of these unique griddles

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