Find the Perfect Classic Style Fridge for 2023

Ever dreamed of adding a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen with a classic style fridge that combines modern functionality with timeless design? This blog post will help you choose the perfect fridge to suit your needs and preferences, guiding you through the top brands, features, and customization options available on the market.

Short Summary

  • Find the perfect classic style fridge for 2023 with adjustable glass shelves, temperature control and veggie crisper.
  • Compare features & functions of top 5 brands: Smeg, Big Chill, North Star, Elmira Stove Works and Unique Appliances.
  • Consider size needs & customization options to find an energy efficient option that meets your lifestyle!

Defining Classic Style Fridges

Classic style fridges are all about bringing a retro look into your kitchen. With their rounded edges, bright colors, and vintage-inspired details, these appliances make a bold statement while still providing the functionality you need. They come in various sizes, from full-sized fridges to mini options, and offer a variety of styles to suit any kitchen decor.

These nostalgic refrigerators typically boast temperature control, adjustable glass shelves that won’t spill, a veggie crisper, storage bins in the door, and a full-size freezer. LED interior lighting, safety glass shelves, frost-free top fresh food areas, and bottom freezers are also common features in many classic style fridges.

When it comes to customization options, classic style fridges offer various choices. Depending on the brand, you can find adjustable shelves, adjustable thermostats, and crisper drawers to help you tailor your fridge to your specific needs. With capacities ranging from 3.1 to 7.6 cu. ft., there’s a classic style fridge for everyone, whether you live alone or have a large family.

Top 5 Classic Style Refrigerator Brands

In the world of classic style refrigerators, five brands stand out for their unique features, design, and customization options: Smeg, Big Chill, North Star, Elmira Stove Works, and Unique Appliances.

Let’s dive into the specifics of each brand and see what sets them apart.


Smeg is renowned for its stylish and functional retro refrigerators. The Smeg retro refrigerator is packed with impressive features. It has a ventilation system, temperature alarm, LED interior lighting, and a multi-flow uniform cooling system. With three adjustable glass shelves in the fridge and three spacious drawers in the freezer, you’ll have ample storage for all your fresh and frozen goods. The Smeg retro fridge offers a total capacity of 9.2 cu. ft., with 8.3 cu. ft. for the fridge and 0.9 cu. ft. for the freezer.

Perfect for dorm rooms or small kitchens, the Smeg retro fridge also includes a “freezerette” icebox for added convenience. Its compact freezer compartment is suitable for a small family, providing just enough space for your frozen essentials.

In addition to its retro fridge, Smeg also offers a full-size refrigerator with adjustable shelving, a vegetable crisper, and an inner freezer. This model boasts innovative storage solutions and the option to customize the handle to either the right- or left-hand side. With two distinct fridge designs, Smeg caters to a wide range of preferences and needs.

Big Chill

Big Chill is known for its attractive and versatile retro fridges. The brand offers two designs: the Original and Retropolitan. Both models feature curvy, eye-catching designs that are neither too flashy nor cartoonish. With Big Chill refrigerators, you can expect a classic look in a wide range of stunning colors.

These fridges cater to those who want a spacious, classic-looking appliance with customizable options. Big Chill offers nine stock colors to choose from, as well as the option to pay extra for a custom color to match your kitchen perfectly.

Big chill fridges are not only visually appealing, but also offer an array of practical features. With a focus on functionality, these appliances provide ample storage, advanced temperature control, and energy efficiency, ensuring that your food stays fresh while minimizing your environmental footprint.

North Star

North Star is a company that specializes in retro fridges, offering stylish and practical solutions for any kitchen. Their single-door retro refrigerators boast a generous capacity, ranging from 18.2 to 18.5 cu.ft., providing plenty of space for all your groceries.

These fridges are available in nine standard colors, allowing you to find the perfect match for your kitchen decor. With a variety of color options, you can easily add a touch of personality to your space.

North Star retro fridges come in three configurations in the US, giving you the flexibility to choose the model that best suits your needs. With their attention to detail, North Star has become a popular choice for those seeking a high-quality retro refrigerator.

Elmira Stove Works

Elmira Stove Works is famous for its true French door, retro fridges. These appliances combine the charm of vintage design with modern features, making them an excellent addition to any kitchen. Elmira Stove. Works fridges are available in classic retro colors like candy red, robin’s egg blue, and buttercup yellow, as well as custom colors for those who want a truly unique appliance.

The brand’s 1958 and 1959 models offer a range of useful features, such as a filtered water dispenser, ice maker, two veggie drawers, one full-length drawer, and three layers of shelving on both doors. With these options, you can easily organize and store your groceries while enjoying the timeless aesthetic of a classic style fridge.

With their attractive designs and practical features, Elmira Stove Works fridges are an excellent option for those who appreciate the vintage look but still want the convenience and functionality of modern appliances.

Unique Appliances

Unique Appliances offers an exciting range of retro fridges in two sizes and five colors, plus white. With their stylish designs and practical features, these appliances are perfect for those who want to add a touch of nostalgia to their kitchen. Additionally, Unique Appliances also offers matching 24′′ convection gas ranges in a few of the same colors, allowing you to create a cohesive look in your kitchen.

Their retro-inspired fridge is an Energy Star certified and ADA-compliant appliance, available in turquoise, black, light blue, light green, red, or white. With a size of 63.8” H x 21.6” W x 24.2” D and a capacity of 7 cu. ft., this fridge offers ample storage without taking up too much space in your kitchen.

Not only is this fridge visually appealing, but it’s also energy-efficient, costing just around $35 a year (295 kWh annually) to run. With Unique Appliances, you can enjoy the charm of a retro fridge without compromising on energy efficiency or functionality.

Comparing Classic Style Fridges: Features and Functions

With so many fantastic classic style fridges on the market, it’s essential to compare their features and functions to find the perfect fit for your kitchen. Each brand offers unique elements, from Smeg’s top-notch ventilation system and temperature alarm to Big Chill’s wide range of color options and attractive designs.

In terms of storage, some brands excel in providing ample space and practical solutions. For example, Smeg’s retro refrigerator features three adjustable glass shelves in the fridge and three spacious drawers in the freezer, while Elmira Stove Works’ models include a filtered water dispenser, ice maker, and multiple drawers for optimal organization.

When it comes to energy efficiency, brands like Unique Appliances stand out with their Energy Star certified and ADA-compliant retro-inspired fridge. By comparing the features and functions of each classic style fridge, you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs and preferences.

Finding the Right Size for Your Classic Style Fridge

Determining the right size for your classic style fridge is crucial, as it will impact your kitchen layout, storage capacity, and overall convenience. To find the perfect fit, consider your available space, family size, and budget.

For smaller kitchens, compact options like mini fridges or fridges with a capacity of around 3-6 cubic feet may be your best bet. These appliances can still provide the modern features and storage options you need without taking up too much space.

If you live alone or with just one other person, a fridge with a capacity of 7-10 cubic feet may be sufficient. For medium-sized families, a fridge with a capacity of 10-12 cubic feet is recommended.

Keep in mind that full-size retro fridges typically have a storage capacity of at least 14 cu. ft., making them suitable for larger families or those with more extensive kitchen spaces. For those who have the room and desire a more luxurious option, a French door fridge may be an excellent choice.

Customization Options for Classic Style Fridges

One of the most exciting aspects of selecting a classic style fridge is the ability to customize it to suit your preferences. Many brands offer various options for color, handle type/material, and door type, allowing you to create a unique appliance that perfectly matches your kitchen decor.

Color options for classic style fridges can vary significantly depending on the brand. For example, Frigidaire’s retro refrigerator with top freezer comes in black, cream, and red, while the Northair Retro Mini Fridge is available in light green. Some brands, like Big Chill, even offer custom color options for an additional cost.

In addition to color, handle types and door types can also be customized. Classic style fridges typically feature handles made of metal, plastic, or wood, and doors are available in single or double configurations. With so many options available, you can easily create a one-of-a-kind classic style fridge that reflects your style and personality.

Caring for Your Classic Style Fridge

Proper care and maintenance are essential to ensure the longevity and performance of your classic style fridge. Regular cleaning, proper temperature settings, and energy efficiency considerations are all crucial aspects of caring for your appliance. To maintain a safe temperature for your fridge, set the thermostat between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help keep your food fresh while minimizing energy consumption.

Regularly cleaning your fridge is also important, and using a damp cloth with mild detergent is recommended. Additionally, don’t forget to clean the condenser coils of your fridge. Unplug the appliance, remove the access panel, and use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust and debris that has accumulated.

By keeping the condenser coils clean, you can help ensure that your classic style fridge runs efficiently and lasts for years to come.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability of Classic Style Fridges

Energy efficiency and sustainability are important factors to consider when selecting a classic style fridge. By choosing an energy-efficient appliance, you can reduce energy consumption and minimize your environmental impact. Many modern classic style fridges are designed with energy-saving features and eco-friendly materials to meet these goals.

An Energy Star rating is a certification given by the US Environmental Protection Agency to products that meet their energy efficiency standards. Look for classic style fridges with an Energy Star rating to ensure you’re choosing an appliance that meets these strict guidelines.

Classic style fridges can also be made with eco-friendly materials, such as recycled plastic, recycled metals, and natural fibers. Energy-saving features like adjustable temperature settings, energy-saving modes, and LED lighting can further help reduce energy consumption. By choosing a classic style fridge with these sustainable features, you can enjoy the nostalgia of a retro appliance while minimizing your impact on the environment.

Vintage vs. Modern Classic Style Fridges

When it comes to classic style fridges, there are two main types to consider: vintage and modern. Vintage fridges are characterized by their retro vibe, with rounded edges, curved handles, and bright colors. In contrast, modern classic style fridges have a more contemporary look, featuring smooth lines, stainless steel finishes, and muted colors.

Vintage fridges may have some drawbacks, such as the potential presence of lead paint, asbestos, and other toxins. It’s essential to consult with a certified professional before purchasing a vintage fridge to ensure its safety. Vintage fridges may also have manual temperature control, limited storage space, and poor energy efficiency compared to their modern counterparts.

On the other hand, modern classic style fridges typically offer digital temperature control, extra storage space, and better energy efficiency. While they may not have the same nostalgic charm as vintage fridges, they provide the benefits of modern technology and design. Both vintage and modern classic style fridges come at various price points, so consider your budget and preferences when making your decision.

Where to Buy Classic Style Fridges

There are several places to purchase classic style fridges, both online and in-store. Some popular retailers include Best Buy, Lowe’s, Wayfair, and Big Chill, where you can find a wide range of classic style fridges from the top brands. These retailers offer various options, features, and price points, making it easy to find the perfect fridge for your needs.

If you’re searching for a second-hand classic style fridge, consider visiting flea markets and antique fairs. These venues can be treasure troves for vintage appliances, giving you the opportunity to find a unique and affordable classic style fridge. Be sure to consult with a certified professional before purchasing a second-hand fridge to ensure its safety and functionality.

Whether you choose a brand-new modern classic style fridge or hunt for a vintage gem, there are plenty of options available to help you find the perfect appliance to add a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen.


In conclusion, classic style fridges offer an excellent way to add a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen while still enjoying modern functionality and efficiency. By considering the top brands, features, sizes, and customization options, you can find the perfect fridge to suit your needs and preferences. Don’t forget to factor in energy efficiency, sustainability, and proper care to ensure your classic style fridge lasts for years to come. Happy fridge hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular refrigerator style?

French door refrigerators are the most popular choice for fridge style these days, offering a convenient and easy-to-access two-door design with a pull-out bottom freezer. With a large variety of models, you can find one that suits your needs with up to 32 cubic feet of capacity for maximum storage.

It’s no wonder why French doors are such a favorite!

What are the three types of refrigerators?

There are three main types of refrigerators available: top-mount, bottom-mount, and side-by-side. Top-mount fridges have the freezer compartment located on top, bottom-mount fridges have the freezer below the refrigerator space, and side-by-side models place the freezer beside the fridge.

All types offer their own distinct benefits depending on your lifestyle and budget!

Why are old refrigerators better?

Old refrigerators are better because they are built with durable materials like metal, making them stronger and able to withstand long term use. Additionally, they tend to be more energy efficient due to having fewer features than modern models.

This all adds up to an appliance that is better in the long run!

Which style refrigerator is most efficient?

When it comes to energy efficiency, top-mount freezer refrigerators are the clear winner. Our tests have found that these models usually cost less to run than side-by-side and French-door models. So if you want to save on your energy bills, top-mount freezers are your best bet!

What is the most popular refrigerator style?

It’s clear that the most popular refrigerator style is French-door, offering plenty of capacity and easy access to veggies and perishables in the waist-level fresh food compartment. With two doors on top and a pull-out bottom freezer drawer below, this model offers convenience and style.

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