Beautiful BEEF Kitchen

No, this kitchen isn’t made of beef – it was designed by BEEF. BEEF is an architectural firm from Bratislava, Slovakia. They created this kitchen for a Riverpark apartment in the same city.

For the interior of this apartment they used a lot of earth tones. The entire color scheme is based on three colors: brown, grey and white. These basic colors can be found on the floors (wood), furniture (wooden tables and chairs), sofa, rug and kitchen cabinets. Thanks to these colors and materials, the apartment feels very cozy. The designers intentionally created a warm, homely atmosphere.

The kitchen itself is rather small, but has everything you need. There’s a huge fridge in the adjacent wall and there’s plenty of storage space. The cooking island also doubles as a dining table (at least from one side). This is great for a quick snack or a swift breakfast.

beef kitchen

kitchen by beef architects

modern cooking island of the beef kitchen

kitchen design detail

view from the dining area

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