Modern Kitchen by Cornerstone Architects

I found this kitchen in a residence that was designed by Cornerstone Architects. This brand new home (it was completed in 2011) is located in Austin, Texas. The kitchen is the room that immediately grabbed my attention.

The owner wanted a home with a contemporary flow and finish while providing a warm setting for daily life. This was accomplished by mixing warm natural finishes such as stained wood with gray tones in concrete and local limestone.

This design philosophy can also be found in the kitchen. There’s a mix of materials, such as concrete, glass, wood and metal. This might seem like a bit much, but it actually works really well together.

One my favorite elements of the kitchen is the extractor hood. It’s fitted into the ceiling and hence it’s barely visible. The rest of the kitchen also has a modern look – simple straight lines and subtle colors.

cornerstone kitchen view from dining area

kitchen by cornerstone architects

left side of the kitchen

kitchen faucet

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