Modern White Kitchen by Griffin Enright Architects

This beautiful residence can be found in the sloping hills of the Santa Monica Canyon. It was designed by Griffin Enright Artchitects, an architecture firm from Los Angeles, CA with more than 25 years of experience.

Because of the beautiful environment, the designers wanted to make this house very open and enhance the amazing views. That’s why they also installed a long skylight, which illuminates the interior with indirect light. It also acts as a ‘separator’ between the kitchen and living room.

The kitchen itself also looks very spacious. This is thanks to the high ceilings and the light color scheme. White is the main color of this interior: it’s used for the cabinets, cooking island, chairs, walls and ceiling. I miss a bit of contrast in this room, but this can easily be solved with some colorful decorations. I would also change the lamp for something more modern, but besides these small cosmetic changes, this kitchen looks gorgeous!

kitchen design by griffin enright architects

white modern kitchen with high ceilings

other side of the kitchen

view from the outside

view from the terrace

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