Small Apartment Kitchen by HOLA Design

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; even small kitchens can be beautiful. You don’t need a big kitchen with an abundance of storage space and a huge cooking island. Small kitchens can be just as beautiful and practical.

There are a lot of interior designers who can really make a small room appear much bigger than it really is. Monika and Adam Bronikowski are two of those designers. Monika and Adam work at HOLA Design, an interior design agency from Warsaw, Poland.

This duo designed the interior of this small apartment. They’ve used the available space as much as possible and applied some ‘tricks’ to make the apartment seem bigger. For starters, they only used light colors (dark colors make a room smaller). There’s plenty of light and the reflective cabinets act as a mirror, making the entire room lighter. The design is kept as simple as possible – straight lines, no superfluous furniture and subtle decorative pieces.

small apartment kitchen

small kitchen apartment

view from the living room

hola interior design apartment

dining area

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