Glossy Black Kitchen by ArqMarket

Modern interior design is characterized by a lot of white glossy surfaces. Some designers like to mix things up a bit and use reflective black cabinets in their kitchen design.

That’s exactly what ArqMarket did. The architectural firm from Porto, Portugal designed this sleek two-tone kitchen. Everything else in this room has a simple white color; the walls, ceilings and even the chairs.

Calling this kitchen big is an understatement – it’s huge! There’s a large cooking island on one side of the kitchen with a big fridge and an oven. On the side of the living room we find a built-in coffee machine, wine coolers and two more ovens (probably a microwave/steam oven).

The finishing touch of this kitchen is the gorgeous PH Artichoke lamp by Louis Poulson. This lamp is an instant classic that fits in any type of interior.

You can see more projects from ArqMarket on their website.

glossy black kitchen by arqmarket

modern black and white kitchen

kitchen with louis poulson ph artichoke lamp

kitchen design by arqmarket porto portugal

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