Dutch kitchen Design by KEMPE&

Dutch kitchen design by KEMPE&

This lovely home can be found in Haarlem, the Netherlands. It was recently refurbished by the interior design agency KEMPE& from the same city.

The kitchen is divided in half; on one side we find a u-shaped work area and the opposite wall is used for storage space. This division is emphasized by the materials; there’s white, glossy drawers one one side and beautiful brown wood on the other. It simple and stylish, just the way it should be!

Dutch Kitchen Design is a decorating ideas for a kitchen by applying the classic Dutch style and luxury are impressed into the design with an order and thought that would give the style that resembles the style of the Dutch state. In the Dutch Kitchen Design has its own characteristics, to design itself a little more luxurious look and for most of them integrates the theme of the classic style of the Dutch people’s lives and their color themes for more use colors that have a mixture of milk such as cream and white color snoring is usually very suitable for the concept of the kitchen at the Dutch house.

For more details you can see in the example image above Dutch Kitchen Design us this, the image is visible example of the design of a kitchen that is not too broad and attractive look with the classic style of the kitchen is visible from the walls made of brick with color coated dull cream reinforce the style of the house and to the Dutch cabinet models with interesting shapes with black and other furniture with white cream, and looks at the floor tiles they choose from a dull gray color, although it is actually normal so but the concept like this, the kitchen looks more luxurious. Well like that example application for Dutch Kitchen Design that you can make for your consideration in decorating a kitchen which is awesome.


kempe& dutch kitchen design

kempe& interior design

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