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One of the essential appliances in kitchen is the microwave. The best quality microwave ovens in the market are as well available in the retro style. Retro microwave ovens come in different sizes to suite your needs, the sizes range from 0.8-1.2 cubic feet. They also come in high and low wattage ovens, this is mainly because some people prefer to cook slow while others prefer to cook fast.

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Retro microwave ovens offer a variety of features like the TV dinner setting, defrost or special cooking for example popcorn setting. Retro microwave ovens will also allow you to set the power needed to prepare food, these settings range from high to low. Retro microwave ovens also come with a unique programmable setting. These setting allow the cook to start cooking at 80% cooking power and finish cooking at 10% cooking power at the second stage. These microwave ovens also come with a turntable, which  allows you to let the oven turn the table as it cooks unlike in other ovens where you have to stop cooking, turn the table then continue cooking. And finally retro microwave ovens are easy to clean, there is no day you will complain of having hard time cleaning your oven.

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Having the retro microwave oven will lighten up your feeling of refurnishing your kitchen or having a new kitchen. If you would like to have a new kitchen and you fell your budget is not enough don’t worry you can still have a new look kitchen with the fixed budget. You will have to make a few changes though. These changes will totally leave your kitchen looking new. The changes will greatly transform your kitchen at a minimal cost. The step in kitchen design is literally giving the kitchen a new look, this is archived by painting. Painting will do in two categories, painting can be done by maintaining the same color to give the kitchen a new look or by changing the kitchen color to give it a completely new look. Kitchen painting will involve painting the walls, doors and cabinets in the kitchen. These you can do as an individual or you can get a professional to do it for you. Remember to use oil-based paint or water-based paint in accordance to your preference. Crating a feature wall is also another way of transforming your kitchen, it’s a very unique way to give your kitchen an artistic focal point. You can do this by use of glamorous and colorful wallpaper patterns and kitchen tiles. Updating doors and worktops, there are many local manufactures and specialist companies that supply kitchen unit worktops, doors and drawer fronts. This will help you replace your kitchen in a very cost effective way. But first before you do this remember to consider the style and design you want to replace. Have a look at pictures or various modern and country designs to know what you want to settle for. Lighting system can transform the kitchen look, especially if the room has limited space .lights under the counter can really add a modern look to the kitchen design whereas the pendant lighting gives the kitchen a country element. But before you do changes to the lighting system seek to an electrician first and find out if whatever you have in mind is possible.

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It is also considerate to replace the floor in case the floor is old, doing this will definitely upgrade your kitchen. Here also how you can choose to replace your kitchen floor design can transform the face of the kitchen in various ways. You can either choose to use vinyl floor, wooden or stone floor. Having tiles on the kitchen ways for example in corners around the kitchen could also uplift the look of the kitchen. You can also choose to match the tile colors to give it an even bolder appearance.

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Such retro microwave ovens will underline the style of you kitchen, and make it look more cozy and interesting for your guests.

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