Galley kitchen designs and how to go about implementing one

Traditional galley kitchen designs are making a comeback

The traditional galley kitchen designs seem to be making a comeback as far as kitchen designs are concerned. After all, with the changing requirements of working in a kitchen, turning your cooking place into a galley kitchen seems to be quite a good idea. Also, just because the designs may be based on a traditional concept, doesn’t mean they don’t offer enough options. In fact, quite a few new and galley kitchen designs have been introduced recently, something that manages to get over the shortcoming of their more traditional counterparts.

There are quite a few advantages of going for a galley kitchen, some of the major ones being:

Helps utilize the space to the fullest

One of the major issues associated with the modern kitchen designs is that they may result in a lot of wastage of space. This means that usually, a lot of the assigned space may go unused, as there may not be much to do with it.

However, most of the galley kitchen designs out there help one use their kitchen’s space to the fullest. This is the reason they tend to be way smaller kitchens than their modern counterparts. This also obviously means that if you’re low on space, galley kitchen may be the way to go.Galley Kitchen Designs And Makeovers

Almost all the better galley kitchen designs help one use the assigned kitchen space to the fullest, making use of every bit of space. They’re based on a concept that offers numerous ideas for doing something with every part of your kitchen, and hence helping you design a neat looking and fully functional kitchen. By fully functional here we mean that you usually may not have to compromise on any aspect of your kitchen, despite the low space available.

They usually look great

Galley kitchens, in no way, mean compromising on the looks front. In fact, with some little tweaks and tricks, you may be able to design a rather beautiful looking kitchen. After all, there are quite a few ideas one can choose from, as well as add some other twists to turn the kitchen space into a rather uniquely designed galley kitchen.

Small Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

They’re highly efficient

They seem to be providing a great cooking area, and making the task more desirable. After all, no one would like to cook in a space where everything seems messed up. Galley kitchens mean a lot of organization, and almost everything tends to be in order. This will probably help you save a ton of time while cooking, as well as not feel tired or exhausted after you’re done with the job.

After taking a look at some of the reasons to go for a galley kitchen, let’s move on to discover some important things and ideas you can use to design an amazing galley kitchen.

Galley Kitchens That Work

Galley kitchen designs ideas

A galley kitchen usually features a small and narrow walking space in between of two parallel walls or countertops. According to the general concept galley kitchens are based on, one side of the kitchen is supposed to be the place to keep all your cooking equipments as well as other storage elements you might need. The other side of the kitchen may be used to keep all your other useful things, including cleaning equipments, and so on. This side may also be used to have more storage, which many might need, especially if they’re very low on space or have too many cooking equipments and storage things.

galley kitchen design reflective

However, those who’re left with a bit more space can have a little island in between the two sides, making the kitchen look even more attractive. Furthermore, this may even help you have more space to you for carrying out your usual cooking job, making it a more convenient experience.

cool galley kitchen remodel

Coming to the next important thing one needs to take care of while designing a galley kitchen, choosing the colors should be done carefully as well. After all, galley kitchens don’t tend to look good with dark colors due to the low space and short walking area in between the parallel walls. So, the ideal option would be to go for light colors. Such colors help the kitchen look more spacious, neat and attractive. White colored countertops seem to be going great with a galley kitchen, so are glass-front cabinets and colorful backsplashes.

alley kitchen remodeling tips and ideas

However, this doesn’t mean that you skip the dark colors entirely. You may just need to offset their effect by complimenting or surrounding them with light colors. So for instance, if you go for dark cabinets, you can consider offsetting the effect by going for light colored countertops, neutrally colored walls, and so on.

Applying Galley Kitchen Designs For Your Kitchen

There are a few other ideas associated with galley kitchens as well like going for taller, larger cabinets, which offer more storage and give a rather spacious feel to the entire place.

small galley kitchen designs

Finally, going for efficient storage options may be quite a good idea as well, helping you make more out of the rather small space. Such storage options include back-of-door cabinet storage, lazy Susans, tall cabinets, and so on.

Galley kitchen designs — How To Design A Sleek Galley Kitchen

Ramsin Khachi gives advice on how to design a small kitchen. Find out his favourite finishes and insider tips as he shares a slick galley kitchen redesign.

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