Low Cost Kitchen Renovation

Low Cost Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive remodeling projects. Great thing that today there are so many products and solutions on the market, that it is possible to make a premier kitchen for less than $5,000. Main rule of low cost kitchen renovation is planning and good organization.

Kitchen remodeling and/or upgrades can provide you with an 80-105% return on it in case of future sale of the house, mind it.

Remodeling kitchen for $5,000

Let’s say your kitchen budget is $5,000. With that, you can have a remodel consisting of:

  • replacing cabinet hardware,
  • change the window coverings,
  • repaint the walls,
  • purchase new chairs or high stools, or recover with a spiffy fabric.

Advise: buy second-hand products or find fan-pages on Facebook or on Craig list where people want to give things for free.

DIY as much as you can

DIY – is an answer for low-cost remodeling. Labor cost can take up to 30% of your budget, but thanks to Youtube lessons and lots of websites you can learn how to make most of the work yourself. Note: read through each phase and task before buying anything or starting work. Better double check on different sources and ask your friends if they made something similar themselves.

DIY is a fun and inspiring thing, I personally like it. After a day of sitting in front of computer or talking to people doing something with your hands really relaxes.

Don’t buy all tools at once

Borrow and rent drills and saws, and maybe a few other things. Don’t forget about family and friends, ask them if they have some necessary. Internet gives plenty of opportunities, and one of them is possibility to rent online. Some services even deliver items to your address. Some

Purchasing a few new appliances and accessories will brighten up your kitchen and add new looking.

Plan your time

DIY project usually are very time-consuming. You will need time to understand idea and the way do it rightly. Be realistic and do one step in a time. When we were making remodeling of our kitchen my first mistake was to think that I can clear all shelf and drawers in 2-3 hours. Big mistake. As I have decided as well to throw unused staff it took me around 6 hours of time, and a lot of boxes and memories 🙂

Add extra 10% to your budget. Just add and you’ll feel OK purchasing some additional materials.

If you have already decided to remodel you kitchen – great. Plan your budget, stay within it, shop around, ask questions and for discount deals, and you will soon have your kitchen by design that you’ve dreamed about.

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