Commercial Juicers Overview

Commercial Juicers Overview

Healthy eating and active lifestyle is trending among many people and popularity of such lifestyle only growing. Now it is not enough to have healthy food at home. People tend to have as well healthy snacks during work and leisure time. If you run a small shop or bar it may be a great idea to add to your menu freshly squeezed juices to do which you will need commercial juicers.

Main differences between household machine and commercial juicer are that the last one can make juice much faster, has more durable and long-lasting parts. Great thing is that commercial juicer not always has to have huge size.

Below is overview of affordable and efficient commercial juicers, most of them are even under $1000.

There 2 main types of machines between which you need to decide first: Citrus only juicer or Vegetable and Fruit Commercial Juicers.

Citrus commercial juicer

Another name used  often is citrus press. This appliance can be used in making juice from oranges, lemons and grapefruits.

Automatic citrus juicers

Such machines can handle even whole unpeeled fruits and can work actually in totally automatic mood and juice 10-25 oranges per minute. They are usually made from steel construction and are very durable. Other feature is that they press the fruit and keep peel out.

Prices starting from $100 to $1500.

What to check before buying:

  • warranty. You’re gonna use this machine for quite some time so make sure you will be able to fix and return in it the worst case scenario.
  • delivery options. Due to the size it can cost.
  • what citrus can be used in juicer. Some machines are made only for oranges, in a meanwhile other can be used with any citrus fruit that is 2 5/8 to 3 5/8 inches around. Make sure it suits your needs.

Manual Commercial Citrus Juicers

This option can be great to begin with or for bars due to its look. Prices go around $200, and under. Other good feature is that they are easy to clean and use. Therefore, it is great affordable option.

Vegetable and Fruit Commercial Juicers

Fruit and vegetable juicers are available in 3 types.

  1. Centrifugal Juicers – most affordable, popular and makes the most noise, nevertheless they work very quickly.
  2. Next option is a Masticating Juicer – this one needs little more time, but will make less pulp.
  3. The last one in list is Twin-Gear Juicer, also known as the Triturating Juicer with its two roller gears it can make juice from any possible fruit or vegetable, and even herbs and wheatgrass! Downside of this type is the price and low speed.

Therefore make sure you know what do you need your machine for, what fruits, whether you’ll need wheatgrass juice option, how much juice you are planning to produce and then choose what type of juicer you want and not just based on price or reviews.

Checklist before buying:

  1. juice quality – most people don’t like their juice too pulpy. Check if it is important for you.
  2. quantity of juice per hour/day. From this number depends what capacity you will need. If you can start with less it as well means that the machine will be cheaper, but for a long run it is better to buy one that will fit your future needs.
  3. warranty period – commercial juicer is rather an expensive buy, so make sure have fixed for a long time.
  4. availability of spare parts, repair service. Just trust me on this. Bigger the machine more chances that you will need some service from time to time. Make sure you know where you can find this help or parts.
  5. size and design – where will the machine stand? How much space do you have? Will it fit the room look?
  6. noise level – some juicers are very loud, some are not. Think if too loud juicer might bother customers and the staff alike.
  7.  price – make a budget or plan and count how much juice do you need to make daily, answer above questions and you can be closer to your decision. Look for used commercial juicer, Craiglist or sales options if you are not sure, in other cases I would recommend taking new one, maybe little smaller and lower-priced household model to start with.
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