Top 5 Multi-Purpose Pans

With so much choice for buying pots and pans, it’s hard to choose the right one. Multi-purpose pans make that decision easier as you can use these pans for several things – sometimes at once! Here are the top five multi-purpose pans you can get for your kitchen right now. 

  1. Ecolution Multipurpose Forged Frying Pan 

The Ecolution frying pan is made for cooking. The non-stick cookware includes proprietary Hydrolon technology. Hydrolon is a unique water-based non-stick coating that makes the pan ideal for searing, sautéing, braising, and frying. Hydrolon is durable and easy to clean too. 

This multi-purpose pan was built for performance. The durable, forged construction offers excellent heat distribution when cooking. The riveted silicone handles provide superb grip and durability. The non-stick coating makes the pan easy to clean as leftover food slides right off. You can safely wash the pan in the dishwasher too. 

The Ecolution pan set gives you the power to cook what you want when you want it. Whether you’re making a four-course meal or simple mac and cheese, this pan can do it all. 

  1. Happycall Double Pan 

This pan is the flagship product of the Happycall brand, and it’s not hard to see why. This is the original double pan. The Happycall multi-purpose man uses a ceramic, PFOA-free exterior so you can cook with less oil and put the pan in the dishwasher when you finish with it. 

The silicone seal locks moisture in for juicier food and smokeless cooking. Flip the pan over and cook on the other side effortlessly. You’ll have no problem flipping food for tender and delicious meat, omelets, potatoes, vegetables, fish, and more. 

With a full guarantee of customer satisfaction, the Happycall Double Pan has a place in every kitchen. 

  1. AVACRAFT Stainless Steel Pan 

The AVACRAFT stainless steel pain is the ideal pan for sautéing vegetables, browning potatoes, cooking rice, and all manner of other dishes. The pan is made with a unique matte finish to keep scratches at bay and a mirrored look to add some style to your kitchen. This pan is resistant to stains, rust, crack, and corrosion. 

You can use the pan for cooking anything you can imagine, from sty fries and saute to stews and steaks. The pan works with multiple stovetops, including induction hobs, electric and gas heaters. The shatterproof glass lid offers extra versatility and safety. Look through the top to keep an eye on how your cooking progresses. 

The AVACRAFT makes an excellent gift for the chef in your life. 

  1. Dubbas Stackable Insert Pans

The Dubbas stackable insert pans give you the power to bake, cook, steam, serve, reheat, and store food all at once. Dubbas pans are made with premium quality food-grade stainless steel to cook a variety of healthy dishes. 

Dubbas is unlike any other insert pan you might have come across. The design is based around the Instant Pot to offer the best of both worlds to chefs. The pans come with interchangeable lids so you can separate the pans when cooking. Separating the pans also makes it easier to clean them when you’re finished. You can even use the lids as plates when serving food to cut down on utensil use. Just cover the pans and put leftovers away when you finish. 

If you’re a big fan of the Instant Pot and wish it could do more, then you’ll love these insert pans. Don’t worry if you don’t fall in love either, as the pans come with a complete money-back guarantee. 

  1. UPIT Korean Multipurpose Stovetop

The most popular multi-purpose griddle in Korea is now available the world over. The pan features a slightly sloped side to help collect oil for frying rice, garlic, kimchi, and more. The marble coating gives you a supreme non-stick surface, so even beginners can cook something special.

While the pan was made for Korean BBQ, you’ll have no problem cooking other goodies and using the pan as needed. The UPIT works on all heat sources, including induction stovetops, electric tops, grills, and even hotplates. With a durable but light build, you can take it with you wherever you go. 

The non-stick surface makes the UPIT suited for crepes, rosti, fried eggs, and more. The non-stick coating is so effective you can fry an egg without using oil. With a durable made-in-Korea build, you know you’re getting quality with this multi-purpose pan. 

Final Thoughts 

They say a good chef never blames their tools. Even so, a kitchen is only as good as the chef and equipment there. These multi-purpose pans will help you take your cooking game to the next level. There’s no need to overload your cupboards with different pans for different dishes when you can get pans that do it all – and more.

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