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Cooking with Style

Far from being a boring housewives, today’s kitchen goddesses are looking for a way to be cute and sassy while baking cupcakes and cleaning the counters. Vintage-style aprons are making a comeback with young cooks everywhere. Wearing cute aprons may not improve cooking skills, but with the right apron, a girl can burn that toast in style.

Function in the Kitchen

Thinking back to the olden days, a kitchen apron provided a valuable function: keeping the clothes clean while the cook made a mess in the kitchen. Though times have changed and the aprons are certainly better looking, they still do their job by keeping kitchen stains off the good clothes. Some aprons are so cute, the hostess wearing them does not want to take them off when the cooking is done.

Styles from BBQ to Barbie Doll

Since aprons are becoming more popular on a daily basis, apron makers are getting more and more creative with these beauties. They come in a variety of styles, from long and frilly to short and sassy. Half aprons cover only the clothes from the waist to the knees, while more traditional, full aprons take a full-body approach.

Some styles feature cheeky sayings, while others focus mainly on beauty, lace, and ruffles. These lovely creations make unique gifts (which always fit) and are quite collectible. Aprons that are made in the style of 1950’s hostess aprons are delicate and lovely, usually made of a sheer fabric with lace or ruffles.

Decorating with Aprons

Another creative use for vintage, cute aprons is to make them into a beautiful kitchen decoration. Home and style magazines feature several aprons hanging from decorative hooks on kitchen walls. For kitchens with themes, theme aprons can also easily be found.

Designer Aprons

A wide range of fashion retailers, from Anthropologie to Dillards is offering up fashion aprons in a variety of styles. Including matching mother and daughter aprons. These are fun for mother and daughter kitchen activities and make great gifts for close-knit family members.

Shopping for Aprons

One of the fastest and easiest ways to shop for the perfect kitchen apron is to begin by doing a search online. Vintage shops and thrift stores are also great places to find cute aprons of many different styles and designs. However, since aprons are becoming more popular. They can also be found at many large retailers. In today’s marketplace, shopping for the perfect apron may be as simple as a visit to the local mall.

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