Unique Kitchen Gifts – Wedding, Christmas and Birthday Gifts

Coffee Grinders

There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly ground coffee to bring a touch of homeliness to the kitchen. There are a wide range of grinders available on the market. For an antique or country feel consider mechanical models. A cast iron grinder produced by Sponge and Co will make a nice present for the antique collector. On the other hand, a brighter mechanical grinder is available from traditional Greek producers and often constructed of brass. For a more contemporary feel, a range of electric options are available.

Cast Iron Kitchenware

Cast iron kitchenware represents some of the best cookware available. It is however, also some of the most expensive cookware available and so makes an ideal gift. A range of cast iron kitchenware is available and takes every form, from the traditional casserole dish, to a contemporary take on the tagine. Cast iron kitchenware produces superior heat distribution in cooking and is generally a product, with great durability and longevity. Notable producers include Le Creuset and Aga.


A tagine is a novel item particular to Middle Eastern and North African cooking, the devise is used to cook a stew of the same name. There are a number of tagines available on the market, traditional tagines are made from earthenware. Contemporary takes often use cast iron in the construction of a tagine.

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses may make the perfect kitchen gift, especially for a wedding for a special numbered birthday. There are a wide range of glasses available, at the one end of the scale a pair of crystal Champaign flutes may make the perfect wedding gift. At the other end of spectrum, a perfect birthday gift for the wine enthusiast may be represented by a set of hand blown Riedel glasses.

Luxury Ingredients

If one is looking to spend a little less, then luxury kitchen ingredients may be the answer. Here one may consider buying the kitchen enthusiast a range of luxury ingratiates, from single estate bottlings of various oils, to aged balsamic and speciality vinegars.

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