Hangover Remedies from the Kitchen

Many Foods Found in Most Homes Are Useful for Hangovers

Most agree, though, that you might best forget aspirin as a hangover remedy. It’s sort of natural because it is extracted from willow bark. But it may also make an upset stomach more upset. There are gentler remedies that may help with your hangover, found in your own kitchen.

Simple Foods for Hangover

Eat some chicken soup, not for the soul, but for the head and tummy. It’s soothing, plus it delivers vitamins and minerals lost in your bout of excess the night before.

Or, eat an apple; fiber helps regulate your metabolism, the sugars may cure your headache, and at the very least, it’s a gentle thing to put into your possibly upset stomach.

If you are hungrier, make a banana milkshake. Sweeten it with honey. Supposedly, this works because the banana helps calm the stomach, allowing better rehydration of your system with the liquids in it. The milk also soothes the stomach and rehydrates. But bananas contain abundant potassium and some magnesium, both of which are depleted when one drinks heavily.

If a banana milkshake or even an apple seems like too much for your system at the moment, take a generous tablespoonful of honey, straight. Then take another one twenty minutes later…and keep spacing spoonfuls at twenty-minute intervals until you begin to feel better. Take another big dose with your first real meal. There’s potassium in the honey, plus the fructose in the honey helps your body chemistry return to normal naturally.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Hangover

Drink some ginger tea, sweetened with honey. Ginger helps soothe digestion, and the honey will provide potassium and fructose (see above.) Or you can take a 500 mg ginger capsule every few hours until you are feeling better.

Lemon in coffee. Not tea. Coffee. Juice one lemon into a cup of black coffee and drink it unsweetened and of course without milk, which would likely curdle and make you sick just looking at it. The coffee should help your head by shutting down some of those throbbing blood vessels a bit, and the lemon juice delivers vitamin C, which many think helps hangovers.

Lime can work, also, but don’t add it to coffee. Add it and a tablespoon of honey to 8 ounces of room temperature water and drink it slowly. The lime offers vitamin C, and the honey offers potassium and fructose, which will help stabilize your blood sugar.

Peppermint, like a mint tea or the fresh leaves from a plant you might be growing for culinary purposes, can help if your hangover is accompanied by gas. Peppermint, a carminative, helps remove gas from the stomach and intestines. Add honey if possible, but drink one or two cups of the tea as soon after arising as you can brew it.

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