Kitchen Safety – Avoiding Accidents In The Kitchen

The kitchen is usually known as the room with the most traffic in the house that’s why kitchen safety is crucial. Everybody loves spending time in the kitchen, be it to prepare the food, or eat it or simply have a chat with friends over a cup of coffee. Particularly women are considered the owners of the kitchen and with good reason. This is where they can show fully what they are capable of when it comes to working their magic with the various food equipment and materials.

What Kinds Of Accidents Can Happen

One of the most common type of accidents in the kitchen is getting burns and scalds. Second in line are cuts with the various knives, choppers, slicers, mincers and other sharp tools. Slips and falls are also common in the kitchen area. A lower risk are possessed by poor repair microwaves that can emit radiations. This mostly happens in industrial and commercial settings such as restaurants. Last but not least the dangers of fires are also real in any kitchen.

Avoiding Burns And Scalds

While heat sources can not be avoided during cooking, burns can easily be avoided by following a few simple tips.

  • When removing kettles and pans from the oven dry hot pads or oven mits should be regularly used
  • Pot handles should be always turned away from aisles and burners
  • Unused burners should be never left on. This step not only avoids burns but also saves energy
  • Never leave hot cooking food unattended in the kitchen. When leaving the area let everyone at home know that the pot is hot
  • Never splash hot water into the deep fryer. A basket should be used to submerge the food very slowly in the oil
  • When using pressure cookers, the steam supply should be shut and the pressure should be equalized before opening the pressure cooker lid
  • Avoid placing hot coffee makers close to the edge of the counter as it tends to be very hot and burn anyone who is not aware of the fact

Preventing Cuts From Knives And Other Sharp Objects

Knives and mixers are very useful tools in the kitchen but they can also be very dangerous when not use properly.

  • Knives should always be stored away when not used
  • The handles should be in good working condition and the blades should be at all times sharp
  • The knife sharpening tool needs to have a finger guard to avoid finger cutting
  • When cutting anything, the motion should be away from the person, not towards them
  • Cutting boards should be used at all times when chipping vegetables or slicing meat
  • Avoid using hands to feed meat pieces through the slicers
  • Turn off and unplug any slicer, mincer or other kitchen appliance that has sharp knives before taking it apart for cleaning

Other Kitchen Safety Measures To Reduce The Risks Of Accidents

  • Wear tight clothes around the cooking area and if the weather permits, wear short fitting sleeves. Long ones are easier to catch on fire
  • Avoid becoming distracted during cooking. Many accidents can happen at this time
  • Never use a higher temperature for cooking than indicated in the recipe
  • Clean the cooking equipment regularly to prevent grease and various bacteria gathering on the tools
  • Do not let children within 3 feet of the stove
  • If there is a fire in the kitchen and it is in danger to become bigger, call the fire department right away.
  • Put away everything in your stainless steel kitchen cabinets when not in use. Do not clutter the kitchen area unnecessarily
  • Avoid putting water on a grease fire. The grease will be splattered all over the place and will fuel the fire to bigger proportions

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