How to Create a Clean Looking Kitchen

A Low Maintenance Design To Make Kitchen Cleaning Quick & Easy

Any kitchen will need cleaning every day that it is used but some kitchens look clean and others look grubby irrespective of hygiene. Here are tips to design a new kitchen that will look clean and be easy to maintain.

Clean Kitchen Work Tops, Counters & Breakfast Bars

Plain surfaces show every mark; most of these can be rectified with soap and water but some stains and scratches are permanent. A flecked or speckled pattern to your surfaces is far more forgiving; every spill and crumb will not demand immediate attention. Choose a pattern, not a solid color, especially white. Invest in several chopping boards and pads for hot pans removed from the oven, in order to prevent scorch marks.

Glossy surfaces, stainless steel, and glass can require a lot of cleaning and buffing in order to retain a highly polished look. These materials clearly show fingerprints and other greasy marks. They are, however, hygienic and easy to clean with soapy water and a soft cloth.

Stainless steel has been very popular for a number of years in modern and masculine kitchens, however, other materials can also be used to achieve the bachelor pad effect. If used at all it should be sparingly.

Research thoroughly the material to be used. Solid wooden worktops require a lot of care and regular treatment. Granite is hard-wearing and easy to look after, but it is porous and can become scratched and stained.

Easy to Clean Kitchen Cupboards, Doors & Draws

Look for a completely flat door or draw with no grooved details. Those ornately carved and beveled features can otherwise be thought of as crevices that catch dust, grease, and food debris. These grooves are only for those who want regular sessions on their knees carefully removing black stuff from their kitchen units.

The Best Kitchen Handles

Kitchen cupboard handles should be simple to wipe around with a cloth. Handles that are molded into the cupboard or which enclose your fingers like a mitten should be avoided.

Decorating Kitchen Walls

Paint formulated for kitchen and bathroom wall have a chemical composition that can withstand the higher humidity in these areas. There are also exceptionally expensive paints on the market which are designed to be wiped clean. Ordinary emotion paint is not suitable for wiping although this can vary and you can find some marks wipe off easily. Regular repainting may be an easy and economic option in a small kitchen.

Easy Care Kitchen Backsplashes, also Known as Kitchen Splashbacks

Glass, marble, stainless steel, granite, and specially manufactured plastic splashbacks are all good options. A large piece of material that is smooth and easy to wipe clean is preferable to tiles.

Kitchen Tiles for Walls and Floors

The grout between tiles quickly gets very grubby, it requires careful cleaning and from time to time may need to be renewed. Ceramic, stone, and mosaic tiles on walls and floors can look fantastic, but they should not be thought of as easy maintenance surface materials. In addition, stone and marble tiles will require regular treatment to seal and protect them.

Vinyl is one of the most durable kitchen floor coverings and it can be laid quickly and easily be professionals. Wood or laminate are worth considering for kitchen floors but will need attention to cleaning around joints. Carpet should be avoided.

Kitchen Appliances in the Low Maintenance Kitchen

A completely integrated kitchen will give a clean appearance because appliances are out of sight, hidden in cupboards, and there are no visible hard to reach gaps. Appliances, such as stoves and hobs also may be chosen on an ease of cleaning basis. For example, completely flat glass or ceramic hob is easier to clean than taking apart the burners of a gas cooker. A dishwasher can make a valuable contribution to a clean kitchen, as dirty plates and utensils are hidden away. Self-cleaning ovens are a marvelous idea and many housewives and househusbands are probably hoping for the marketing of a self-cleaning kitchen.

The Lazy Housewife’s Dream Kitchen

With careful thought to the design of products, an easy to look after kitchen can be achieved within any budget. It is not necessary to buy expensive designs or technical products.

If you have the budget for a luxurious kitchen it is not necessary to compromise on materials. If you are a lazy person but with an expensive kitchen then there is the greatest need to ensure it always looks its best by installing quality products that are not high maintenance.

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