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KITCHEN DESIGN INSPIRATIONS The kitchen is thought to be the heart of the whole house. It is a spot where families hung out. Numerous families begin their day in the kitchen with breakfast and end it with supper. Kitchen retro table and chairs structures are basic piece of the kitchen as it is more being used than the eating tables. Kitchen tables ought to be straight forward and advantageous so it gives straight forwardness while working in the kitchen. The feasting table is the center point of the house. Particularly,

Some elements are essential in a kitchen, for example a stove, fridge and microwave. Another piece of equipment every kitchen needs is a good faucet. A good faucet has to be durable and easy to use. That’s why I like pull down kitchen faucets so much. Just grab the head and point them wherever you want. They also remind me of my student job at a local restaurant (I had a great time there). Pull down kitchen faucets can be real eye-catchers, especially the bigger models. Another advantage is that

Beer refrigerator – made by Northstar A couple of months ago we took a look at 5 gorgeous retro fridges. Today we have a new fridge that can be added to this list: the Northstar Brew Master. This refrigerator is every man’s dream because it has a beer tap built in. That’s right; you can tap a fresh, cold beer from your fridge! Everything is pre-installed, including the draught system, tap dispenser, coupler, connections, CO2 cylinder, and drip tray. As a bonus, you can choose to have it set up for your preferred keg

What to choose: dishwasher or hand wash More and more households are using dishwashers. They’re easy to use and can save you a lot of time. But is it a good idea, from an ecological point of view, to use a dishwasher ? Or should we continue to wash our dishes by hand? Let’s find out. The ecological impact of both methods is hard to quantify. It may depend on several factors, such as the amount of dishes, efficiency of the water boiler, efficiency of the dishwasher, etc. Hand-washing techniques can

Stainless, digital kitchen scale If you thought that’s an Apple iPhone with a bunch of tomatoes on it, you’re wrong. It’s actually the Cloer kitchen scale. Yes, even a kitchen scale has to look good nowadays. The Cloer scale has stainless steel body with antislip rubber feet. Thanks to the brushed aluminum housing it will fit perfectly in every kitchen. The top has a nice glass surface that looks really stylish. The maximum capacity of this kitchen scale is 11 pound or 5 kilograms. You can easily switch between grams & pounds with

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