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Kitchen layouts made by professional architect DeForest Architects is an architecture firm from Seattle, WA. They designed this modern home for a couple from Bellevue, Washington. The couple found that their existing home no longer suited their progressive tastes. But here’s the catch: they didn’t want to move. The solution is a complete renovation of the original house. The new residence has clean, simple lines for a perennial aesthetic. The kitchen layout also got a make-over. The new design has a big kitchen island and plenty of extra storage space.

Big kitchen of Squam residence Big, bigger, biggest – that’s something that springs to mind when you see this kitchen. You can find it in the Squam residence, a family home that is located on an island 30 miles (48 km) south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA. This residence was built by J. Brown Builders, a construction company from Nantucket Island. The outside of this house looks very traditional, but the interior is a different story. All the rooms look very spacious and modern, including the kitchen. The kitchen of

Modern apartment kitchen ideas Something that deserves a bit more attention on the The Kitchen Times are perhaps apartment kitchens. In most apartments the available space is limited, much more than in houses. That’s why we decided to show you this beautiful modern apartment kitchen by Studio 1408. This apartment can be found in Bucharest, Romania. It was designed by Studio 1408, an architecture and interior design firm. They used a combination of pale neutral colors with darker accents to create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. This design style can

Kitchen Renovation project and realization by Altius Architecture This house was originally built in the ’70s and was recently renovated by Altius Architecture. Altius is an architecture firm from Ontario, Canada. They designed the new interior of this 3000 square foot home and the result looks great! The previously enclosed kitchen was rebuilt to incorporate a modern open concept layout. The new design freely connects the pantry area, breakfast retreat and dining room. Indirect lighting creates a cosy atmosphere and thanks to the big windows you have a great view

Collection of beautiful yellow kitchen It’s almost summer! I bet most of you have had enough of the cold weather, snow and rain. Everyone could probably use some sunshine. That’s why I created this article with a collection of beautiful yellow kitchens. Yellow always brings a bit of sunshine into a kitchen. It’s a color that we don’t often see in a home but when used correctly, it can be really beautiful. Yellow is a color that is related to joy, happiness and warmth. When I see the kitchens below,

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