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Modern kitchen design by Canny Team This beautiful house was designed by Canny, a team of architects, interior designers and landscape architects from Australia. They created this modern home in 2011. The result can be found in Malvern, Victoria, Australia. The room we’re most interested in is the kitchen (duh). A modern residence deserves a beautiful modern kitchen and that’s exactly what it got. This kitchen has a nice contrast between the wooden floor and kitchen island and the white kitchen cabinets and walls. This simple color scheme can also

Time for another dose of kitchen design inspiration. This time we take a look at some gorgeous kitchen sinks. A sink is an important element of every kitchen and it can be a real eye-catcher. I bet most of you will find the sink of their dreams in this list… What’s not to like about this gorgeous sink? It’s nice and robust and fits perfectly in this wooden countertop. Check out those faucets, they compliment this sink nicely. Or what about this massive copper kitchen sink from Lynette Sonne’s kitchen?

Over the years kitchens have become the hub of our homes. It’s a place where family and friends gather and bond. You could almost say that a kitchen has a different function than 50 years ago. Kitchens evolved into real technological wonders. A lot of the appliances and utensils we see in a modern kitchen didn’t exist half a century ago. All of this technology is used to make our lives easier. This means you have more time you can spend on other tasks. So what can we expect from the future?

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