Remodel your Kitchen with the Autodesk Homestyler

Remodeling your kitchen can be tough: you need to measure everything precisely or it won’t fit. And it can be hard to imagine how it will look when it’s finished. But I’ve found a solution for these problems: the AutoDesk Homestyler.

About the Autodesk Homestyler

The Autodesk Homestyler is free software that helps you design your interior. With this software, you can easily bring your interior design ideas and remodeling dreams to life. It’s a must-have for your remodeling preparation!

You can easily layout floor plans for every room in your house: living room, bathroom, bedroom… and of course the kitchen. You’ll be able to experiment with more than 40,000 colors, products, and finishes.

If you’re happy with the result you can see high-resolution snapshots and interactive 360 panoramas of your creation. And if you want a second opinion, you can share these with friends or family via email or Facebook.


To give you an idea of some of the design you can create with this software, I’ve collected some examples. You’ll find more examples on their website.

autodesk homestyler example 1

autodesk homestyler example 2

autodesk homestyler example 1

How it works

The great thing about this software is that it’s free! You don’t have to buy it or pay a monthly fee; it’s completely free.

Simply visit their website and click the ‘start designing’ button. You can create a floor plan from scratch, upload an image of your floor plan and trace it over it or use a design from the gallery. In the next step you can drag and drop all the elements onto your floor plan. Grab a cabinet, door, sink… from the left sidebar and place it in the main window. Click on an element for more options. If you create an account you can save your work for later.

If you’re planning on using this software, I suggest your read this great review on Vivacious Design. It has a lot of extra information and it’s worth the read.

For those of you who are using Google Chrome as an internet browser; check out the Autodesk Homestyler plugin.

Would you consider using this Autodesk Homestyler for your remodeling project? Why (not)? Post a comment and share your opinion.

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