A lot of people clean a blender by putting it in the dishwasher. Some people even clean it by hand. Fortunately, there’s a much easier and faster way to clean a blender.
clean blender
A thorough cleaning of your blender is essential. A blender that hasn’t been cleaned correctly is not very hygienic. Plus: clean equipment will last longer and is much more fun to use.

How to clean blender is 3 easy steps

Follow these simple steps and your blender will be clean in no time:

  1. Fill the bucket of the blender with a bit of water and add a few drops of soap.
  2. Whirl for a few seconds. The soapy water will remove all the leftovers and clean the inside of your blender.
  3. Remove the dirty water and rinse the inside with fresh water. This step is very important because you don’t want to have a soap taste the next time you blend something. Now we just need to let it dry and your blender is good as new!

Continue along with your next formula, pre-cleaning in between each batch. Once finished, break up the liquidizer jar and blade unit. Wash fastidiously the jar, lid, blade unit, and rubber seal in heat cleaner water. Rinse well, dry, and piece.

Easy, huh? The entire process will take less than a minute: much faster than a dishwasher or a hand wash. No scrubbing is needed!

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