Yellow Kitchen – Bring the Sun Inside

Collection of beautiful yellow kitchen

It’s almost summer! I bet most of you have had enough of the cold weather, snow and rain. Everyone could probably use some sunshine. That’s why I created this article with a collection of beautiful yellow kitchens.

Yellow always brings a bit of sunshine into a kitchen. It’s a color that we don’t often see in a home but when used correctly, it can be really beautiful. Yellow is a color that is related to joy, happiness and warmth. When I see the kitchens below, that’s exactly what I feel.

Beautiful Yellow Kichens

I found this gorgeous kitchen on the blog of Liz Marie, who is a furniture and interior designer. Unfortunately it doesn’t say where this photo was taken. All I know that it’s a gorgeous kitchen: the yellow color just subtle enough so it doesn’t dominate the entire kitchen.

subtle yellow kitchen color

This yellow modern kitchen is also a real beauty. There’s a nice contrast between the yellow and white cabinets, making this design a real eye-catcher. The yellow flower pot is also a nice touch.

modern yellow kitchen design

This is perhaps the perfect summer kitchen. Bright yellow color? Check! Huge window? Double-check! In this kitchen you’ll truly feel as if you’re cooking outside, thanks to that big window.

summer kitchen with huge window

This yellow kitchen island is the perfect centerpiece of this kitchen. The subtle color creates a beautiful contrast with the surrounding shelves and cabinets. The light colors and big windows create a sense of space.

yellow kitchen island

It’s also possible to use this color in a more subtle way. Take a look at this modern house for example, where the designers used a yellow countertop to add a bit of color to the kitchen. Subtle, yet stylish.

yellow kitchen countertop

I bet everyone loves the color of these cupboards. They’re nice and subtle and fit the rest of the kitchen perfectly.

kitchen design inspiration

This kitchen instantly makes me think of summer; there’s a lot of light thanks to the big windows, a nice flower bouquet, some green plants and of course that gorgeous yellow color!

traditional yellow kitchen design

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