Top 8 Must-Have Kitchen Organizers

The home may be where the heart is, but the heart of the home itself is the kitchen. If your kitchen is cluttered and disorganized, what would that say about the health of the rest of the house? 

Whether you live in a small apartment with an even smaller kitchen, a massive house with a huge kitchen, or somewhere between, there are many organization tools to clear the clutter in your kitchen and have it looking its best. 

These are the top 8 must-have kitchen organizers to ensure everything in your kitchen has its place. 

  1. Container Lid Organizer

Of all the things you keep in your kitchen, food container lids could be the hardest to store and keep track of when you need them. It feels like you have more lids than containers some days. The container lid organizer is the solution to your problems. This organizer has three compartments, making it simple to store container lids according to size. 

The product retails for $21.99 for a pair on Amazon, where customers rate it a positive 4.5/5. 

  1. Water Bottle Holder 

Reusable water bottles are good for the environment and great for your family, but they are a hassle to store appropriately. The water bottle holder from Amazon could be the answer you’ve been looking for all this time. These stackable space-saving water bottle holders store your bottles vertically. You could also use your holder to store bottled drinks in your fridge, such as sports drinks or soda. 

You can buy a two-pack of stackers for $25.99. The product received the “Amazon’s Choice” seal of approval from Amazon, so you know you’re in for a quality product with this one. 

  1. Pan and Pot Lid Organizer 

Most people store their pans and skillets by stacking them. Stacking pans is one way to do things, but it is challenging to find the pan you want when cooking. The pan and pot lid organizer holds up to five pans and pot lids. You can store your pans horizontally or vertically. Buy your pan stacker for $17 and get a product with a 4.5/5 rating from customers. 

  1. Pullout Waste Containers 

You must have some form of garbage disposal in your kitchen. With that said, they can be unsightly and generally unpleasant. These Pullout Waste Containers turn a kitchen cupboard into somewhere you can stash two garbage containers out of sight and out of mind. Roll the containers out when you need them when cooking and put them back when done. You’ll get everything you need for just $60, which isn’t bad for a product rated an almost perfect five stars on Amazon. 

  1. Spice Drawer Liner 

Most food tastes better with some spice added here and there, but where do you keep all those jars? You can use a spice rack, but they take up valuable space on the kitchen counter. You could keep them on the shelf, but then they disappear into the ether, and you forget where they are. The solution to your spice problems is the Spice Drawer Liner. This liner lets you store your seasonings in a kitchen drawer without them getting everywhere. 

This “Amazon’s Choice” product is available at $15.99 for ten feet of drawer liner. Cut the liner to your needs and place it in the cupboards to hold your spice jars in place. 

  1. Under-Sink Shelf 

Under the sink is a favorite storage space for many. However, most of the area under the sink is taken up by pipes, hoses, and garbage disposals. The Under-Sink shelf works around these items, making it easier to store cleaning items and more under your sink. You can grab a two-tier rack for yourself for under $25 on Amazon. 

  1. In-Drawer Knife Block 

Knife blocks are great for storing knives, but they can get grimy and dirty if left on the kitchen counter. This in-drawer knife block lets you safely store utensils in your kitchen drawers out of the way. The knife block has earned an almost 5-star perfect rating on Amazon, so you can count on this product to keep your kitchen organized. 

  1. Expandable Silverware Organizer

This bamboo utensil has borders that slide out to create more space. Not only does the organizer fit into most kitchen drawers perfectly, but it also makes use of the area beside your silverware. The organizer has up to eight dividers for plenty of organization and storage space and boasts an “Amazon’s Choice” steam seal of approval. What more could you ask for with something that costs just under $20 to buy?

Final Words 

An organized kitchen is a safe one. An obvious benefit of kitchen organizers is knowing where you keep everything, but these kitchen organizers help you and your family stay safe in the kitchen too. 

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