5 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets

How often do you use your kitchen cabinets? It’s likely every day. You reach for the cabinets when you need your mug, a bowl, a plate, or some food. While you love your cabinets and have been using them for years, they might not be up to the job anymore. Your kitchen cabinets are only useful when they’re functional. 

Here are five signs it’s time to upgrade your kitchen cabinets. 

  1. They don’t open and close properly 

Do you have a “dummy drawer” in your kitchen that doesn’t open properly? If so, then you should do something about it. Dummy cabinets can happen when the cabinet door hits an appliance or wall or because the hinges are damaged and broken. 

Why would you want to keep using a broken cabinet that won’t open properly when you could replace it with something fresh that works as intended?

Imagine how much easier life would be if you didn’t have to fight your kitchen cabinets to use them. You’d have all the space in your kitchen you needed. One faulty cabinet is all it takes to take all that away. 

If your cabinets don’t open or close as they used to, it’s time to consider replacing them. 

  1. There’s excessive wear and tear 

Perhaps your cabinets work fine, but they have clearly seen better days regarding how they look and feel. Take a close look at the cabinet’s interior and exterior to see if there are any glaring issues to address. 

Take notice of any scratches on the doors or loose knobs. Pay careful attention to shelves with rough edges, and don’t forget to look at the sides attached to the walls. When you see how much wear and tear your cabinets have gone through, you might realize it’s time to replace them. 

  1. There’s a strange smell in the kitchen 

Problems with your kitchen cabinets stretch further than just the cabinets. Open those cabinets you don’t use too often. See how they hold up compared to the ones you use regularly. Check the cupboards for loose hinges and scratches. Give the cabinet a smell to see what it’s like. 

You might notice a strange smell you need to check. This smell happens when debris and dust build up inside cabinets and goes unchecked. The cabinet might seem musty, too, especially if you aren’t storing anything in there. 

  1. The cabinets have mold in them

That strange smell in the cabinets could also be the result of mold. Mold is an issue you should take care of as soon as possible. Mold exposure causes all kinds of problems, including allergic reactions. There’s also the severe risk that mold may get in touch with your food and drinks, which is going to make you sick. 

Mold forms in kitchen cabinets if they go through a lot of water exposure or water damage. The cupboard under the sink, for example, is a high-risk area for mold forming. The stove cabinet could also be a prime candidate because of the steam coming from pots and pans. 

The small and insignificant things you do in your kitchen quickly add to a big mess when left unchecked, especially things involving water. Keep an eye out for mold in your kitchen, and don’t be afraid to replace moldy cabinets. 

  1. Your kitchen looks outdated 

Finally, think about how outdated your kitchen looks. There’s no better time to upgrade your cabinets than when you upgrade everything else in the kitchen too. New cabinets by themselves also offer a serious facelift for a kitchen in need. New cabinets also match new appliances and countertops better than your old ones. 

The cabinets are the heart of the kitchen. The textures and used for cabinets offer a sense of direction for the rest of the kitchen. Your cabinets set the tone for the overall kitchen design. What you do with the kitchen floors and walls could depend on what you do with the cabinets. 

It isn’t easy to get your kitchen looking just right, but it all starts with cabinets that blend perfectly with everything else in the room. 

Final Thoughts 

Of course, there’s a difference between recognizing you need new cabinets and getting them. The design you choose can make a significant difference to your kitchen. Don’t forget that your cabinets need functionality as well as form. 

Glass-door cabinets are an excellent choice for efficient and straightforward storage. Neutral colors like white and dark tones are also good choices. Think about the look and feel you want from your kitchen, and don’t be afraid to get some expert advice. 

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