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Extractors have been around for years and now come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to go over your cooktop. If you do not want or cannot have something over your cooktop you can use a downdraft. This unit sucks the cooking vapors across and down into the grate on your countertop. These are particularly good where the cooktop is on an island, or if there is a very high ceiling.

If you don’t like the look of a modern extraction unit you can use a power pack. These machines are designed to fit into a cupboard above the cooker. A door or panel is fitted in front so that the extraction unit looks like part of the kitchen cabinetry.

The ultimate must-have is an auto sensor on your extraction unit. Sensor ‘smells’ water and odors, turns the unit on adjusts the speed automatically. The best bit is that it also turns off automatically so you can walk away when you have finished cooking.

Fridge Drawers

Most people have heard of dish drawers and dishwashers that open like a drawer. Well, the latest thing out now is fridge drawers or cool drawers. These units are designed for multiple uses so you would want to have more than one in your kitchen. The drawer makes access to the chilled area easier, and the drawer shape also stops cold air from spilling out every time it is opened. This leads to lower power consumption as less chilled air is lost when the drawer is opened.

The control pad at the front allows you to choose whether the unit functions as a fridge, a freezer, a wine chiller, a vegetable chiller, or a pantry. This is done with the push of a button and can be changed depending on the time of year or occasion. A wine fridge for a dinner party one night, and a freezer for autumn produce the next day.

Pyrolytic Self Cleaning Ovens

These are a must for anyone who does not like cleaning ovens. This is a genuine self-cleaning oven and works by locking the door closed and then heating up to 500 degrees Celsius (932 Fahrenheit). All oven wall residues are then burnt to ash. Once it has cooled down to a safe temperature, the door unlocks and the ash can be swept out for an effortless clean.

Induction Cook Tops

Cooking on induction has been around for many years but is only now being widely adopted. Induction cooktops use a magnetic field to heat the pot or pan. The surface of the cooktop does not heat up apart from some heat transferred from the pot. It is a very efficient way of cooking as all the energy is transferred to the pan where the cooking is done.

Also offers great control over the heat output. Not all pots and pans are suited for induction cooking so it will pay to check with the supplier if what you have is okay. Users liken it to having the ease of electricity and the heat and control of gas. Another benefit is the lack of heat generated by the cooking surface. For the visually impaired this is a great safety feature.

The features in this article are available in most brands, however, some features are more exclusive. Ask your supplier what brands have what features.

Happy cooking!

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