Bistro Chalkboard for your Kitchen

Bistro Chalkboard for your Kitchen

Here is a way to capture that feeling in your own kitchen all year long.


  • 2 18″x24″ chalkboards with wooden frames
  • 2 brass hinges that fit the depth of the frame
  • 4 cabinet knobs
  • 4 screw-in brass hook
  • jute
  • eraser
  • chalk
  • screwdriver

Put the two chalkboards together with the writing surface facing out. On the top, equal distance from the ends and center, attach the two hinges to the frames to create a kind of easel effect. Keeping the chalkboards in the same position, identify the bottom four corners. Use the four cabinet knobs to create feet, one at each of the ends.

Using your first two hooks, measure approx. 6″ from the bottom on one side of both chalkboards while sandwiched together. You can mark with a pencil but you don’t need to worry about being exacting. At around the same spot on the front and the back attach a hook so that when the chalkboards are closed the hooks are side by side.

When the boards are opened to stand the hooks get farther apart. Attach jute to one end leaving a couple of feet of jute excess for the moment. Open the sandwiched chalkboards and easel them to a comfortable position for your use. Tie off the second end of the jute to the other hook creating enough tension that when open, the boards will stay in this position.

Take the third hook and screw it into the side of the frame approx. 3″ from the top on either side. Attach two 2″ lengths of jute to the hook. Take your last screw hook and screw it into the eraser base. Attach the eraser hook to one piece of jute and tie a piece of chalk on the other piece of jute. Note: you can use a little hot glue to help hold it in place.


Now you are all set to write out the day’s menu, on the opposite side you can give yourself a list of what needs to be purchased. You can also decorate your chalkboard to match your kitchen, your style or just match your attitude. No matter what you choose, just have fun.

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