Contemporary Kitchen Decor

The kitchen is no longer a purely functional area but is an integral part of the interior design scheme of the home. Hallmarks of a contemporary kitchen are clean simple lines, cutting-edge gadgetry, and accessories that pull together the entire look.

Colors and Materials

Modern materials such as gleaming laminates, frosted glass, stainless steel, chrome, and aluminum endow the kitchen with that shiny, quintessentially contemporary look. However, fret not if you prefer natural-looking colors and materials. Neutral shades fit perfectly into the modern kitchen. These include woodsy beige and brown shades. The industrial-looking gray of concrete and natural stone hues. Also, think in terms of visual and textual contrasts. As a dark granite countertop against a pale backdrop.

Moreover, if you love organic materials, but dislike having to maintain them, synthetic materials are a godsend. Engineered stone on the countertop, for instance, mimics the look of natural stone. It is easier to clean and is resistant to chipping and cracking. Kitchen cabinets made from wood laminate, or plastic adhered to fiberboard or particleboard, is a viable substitute for the natural material with its added advantages of resistance to expansion and scratching. They are also available in many colors and wood-grain finishes. Which allows them to cater to a variety of tastes and preferences.

Integrated Design

In place of bulky furniture that takes up loads of space, built-in elements that ensure clean lines and circumvent the problem of awkward or unusual corners are key. For instance, floor-to-ceiling cabinets with light wood or frosted glass sliding doors to stow away dry foodstuff, utensils, appliances. Even large items such as microwave ovens, dishwashers, and washing machines are an aesthetic feature as well as a storage solution.

Modular Flexibility

Modular furniture provides flexibility in design and function. Cabinets comprising a number of units can be switched around to create a variety of looks. The modular concept even lends itself to entire suites, as seen in the Dada range of kitchen designs that can be interchanged according to the whims of the current needs of the homeowner. Furthermore, storage units and even kitchen islands on casters may be stowed away when not used.

Multi-Functional Convenience

Contemporary kitchen furniture juggles several roles. The countertop, for example, as well as being a workstation, doubles up as a bar counter, dining table, or a room divider in an open-concept layout. Roll-out drawers located underneath also allow it to function as a storage unit.

Appliances are characterized by cutting-edge technology that enables them to perform multiple functions for enhanced convenience. For instance, Mitsubishi’s range of refrigerators comes equipped with “LED Sunlight” technology that allows fruit and vegetables to remain fresh longer and a ‘Soft Freezing’ mode that keeps frozen food soft enough to cut or chop, doing away with the need for thawing.

Pulling the Look Together

Finally, contemporary kitchens combine function and convenience with designer looks and bold self-expression. Striking colors such as black and red, and unusual-shaped furniture are at home here. For accessories, gleaming appliances against a neutral backdrop or a shelf of cookbooks by designer chefs would be right at home.

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